Kevin Smith Reviews ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’

By March 29, 2016

Kevin Smith has been championing the success of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice from the beginning its seemed like, with DC fully embracing his endorsements along the way as well. He’s particularly been fond of the studio’s casting of Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman, despite the palpable rage it garnered from the fan community at the time.

Which is why it’s probably shocking that during the most recent episode of Hollywood Babble-On, when he and his co-host, Ralph Garman, were sharing their thoughts on the film, both came down with resoundingly negative responses. Something tells me Warner Bros. and DC didn’t see that one coming.

Smith explained at one point:

“There seems to be a fundamental lack of understanding of what those characters are about,” Smith explained in regard to one of his chief complaints. “It’s almost like Zack Snyder didn’t read a bunch of comics, he read one comic once, and it was Dark Knight Returns, and his favorite part was the last part where Batman and Superman fight. But… you get to do that in that book because you’ve got three books prior to that and 50 years at that point of comic book history to build on.”


He did however praise Ben Affleck as a good Bruce Wayne and Batman, who out of everything about the film, has been the most universally praised part. Although, he did think the writing for the character was a bit “off”:

“That didn’t seem like Batman. Certainly not the world’s greatest Detective. More like Bat-Trump. The characterization is left of center…Batman’s never like, if there’s a 1% shit could go wrong, let’s fucking stab people.”

You can listen to both Smith and Garman’s full remarks in the video below, but as someone who was equally frustrated by the film’s mishandlings and overall disappointing quality, I couldn’t agree any more with his comments here. Plus, it’s nice to see someone with his name power come and out and wholeheartedly agree with the critics, who have fallen under quite a bit of unjustified scrutiny and backlash by fans over the past week or so.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is in theatres everywhere now.

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Alex Welch

Alex Welch

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  • David Johnson

    Occasionally see a DC Fanatic screaming its the best movie ever but their starting to quiet down!!!!

  • Joe

    It’s far from the best movie ever, but it was decent. I had fun and in the end that’s what matters. The scrutiny critics are under is totally justified. They never actually know what they’re talking about when it comes to comic movies/tv shows. Just look at how highly they rated Iron Man 3 which failed as both a comic movie and simply as a movie. Or where critics called the Flash/Supergirl crossover episode a complete bust while fans were absolutely in love with it. Critics go into these movies expecting Casablanca or Citizen Kane, but they don’t seem to realize that these movies are based on comic books, not Shakespeare. Screw the critics! Form your own opinion!