Kevin Smith Terrified Of Directing ‘Supergirl’

By October 17, 2016


For most geeks, the most amazing thing we’ll get to do celebrating our fandom is going to a convention wearing our favorite character costume, and just hoping for the chance to meet someone associated with an awesome film or television show.

supergirlinset101716Kevin Smith gets to go one step further. While he definitely enjoys the convention circuit, he also has a chance to be part of the very geekdom he loves. Next up on that list? Directing an episode of The CW’s Supergirl.

Smith, who always has lived his professional life in the public eye, shared the first script page for the episode he’ll direct on Instagram. It’s the ninth episode of the season, appropriately called “Supergirl Lives.” In case you’re not up on history, Smith was one of many directors attached to a planned Superman revival in the 1990s. His version would have been called Superman Lives.

Anyway, while Smith is no stranger to directing the properties he loves, he admitted that taking on Supergirl was terrifying.

“This material is way above my pay grade: the kind of stuff I’ve loved watching my whole life, but never tried to make myself. It’s pure comic book and science-fiction fantasy, and it reads like it should look like a ’70s album cover.”

But the fear isn’t scaring Smith away. Instead, it’s emboldening him.

“So that’s gotta be the best reason to do it, right? I should challenge myself and try to do something outside of my comfort zone. Plus, it’s not like I’m gonna be alone. Armed with a spectacular script, I’ll be surrounded by the incredible cast and crew of one of my favorite shows – and they make magic every week.

“So what I lack in vision and ability, I’ll try to make up for with boundless fan-girl enthusiasm, and a willingness to learn.”

silentbobinset101716Smith is the man who brought the world what many believe are some of the greatest underrated films of the 1990s. They include ClerksMallrats and Dogma. He became even more popular as an actor through his Jay and Silent Bob characters, where Jason Mewes was Jay, and he was Silent Bob.

This also isn’t Smith’s first foray into television fandom, especially at The CW. He has directed two episodes of The Flash, last May’s “The Runaway Dinosaur,” and the upcoming November episode “Killer Frost.”

The “Supergirl Lives” episode was written by Eric Carrasco and Jess Kardos, based on a story by showrunner Andrew Kreisberg.

The episode is scheduled to air Dec. 12.

Supergirl airs Mondays on The CW.

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