‘Kingsman 2’ Will Be More Political Than Original

By January 28, 2017

Kingsman: The Secret Service – director Matthew Vaughn’s ultraviolent, darkly comedic riff on the James Bond franchise – may have been based on a comic book. But considering its lack of superheroes and a hard-R rating, many were surprised the film earned mostly positive reviews and $414 million worldwide.

Once it did hit theaters, it didn’t take long for Twentieth Century Fox – the same studio that would win big with Deadpool the following year – to greenlight a sequel.

Despite an intriguing cast that includes Oscar winners Halle Berry and Jeff Bridges, Channing Tatum and Elton John, there’s still a great deal of mystery surrounding Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Star Taron Egerton recently talked about the fall release with Den of Geek and shed a bit of light on how the sequel will deepen the first film’s political undertones propelled, in part by the introduction of Statesman, the American equivalent to the British organization that lends the franchise its title.

“Though I have to be pretty careful what I say – Matthew (Vaughn) can say what he wants, it’s his film – I think it very much is political. I think I can say there’s a ‘presidential’ thread that runs through the new film. I think that each time, whenever there’s a new global threat that arises in the world of Kingsman, it will be something that may have genuine relevance.

“In the first one, I guess we could say it’s over-population. And in this one, it’s a similarly pertinent global theme.

It’s a warped, distorted presentation of politics, but I think the themes are definitely there.”

Given the current political climate, there’s certainly a lot that the new Kingsman film could target with its signature razor-sharp wit. The addition of the Statesman in particular makes the sequel well-positioned to comment on American politics.

And the fact Julianne Moore – whose character in The Hunger Games franchise embodied a very specific political message – is taking center stage as the primary villain of The Golden Circle makes this too good an opportunity for Vaughn and his team to pass up.

No matter what political topics the film addresses, we’re just hoping that the much-talked-about return of Colin Firth’s Harry Hart receives a worthy explanation in the sequel.

In the meantime, we’ll simply have to wait until Kingsman: The Golden Circle hits theaters Oct. 6.

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