Knight Rider Movie Revving Up To A Reality

By June 26, 2013

Well, kids – that “Knight Rider” TV-to-film adaptation that’s been floating around the last couple years is edging closer to the starting line as a source tells the L.A. Times that the Weinstein Co. (who own the film rights) have hired writer-director Brad Copeland (Wild Hogs, “Arrested Development”) to write a draft.

Based on the hit series about a man and his talking, souped-up Trans Am that ran from 1982-86 (and a FAILED 2008 reboot that lasted a dismal 17 episodes) on NBC, Weinstein’s betting on black with this film adaptation; giving it a higher-budget, more action and – the reason for hiring Copeland – some well-placed comedic moments.

No surprise that David Hasselhoff (who originated the role of Michael Knight) wants in…but unlike Adam West (who wanted to be Batman in the first Tim Burton film), The Hoff, currently in London working on Baywatch: The Musical (HAHA), isn’t demanding to reprise the role he made famous; he just wants to be a part of the action.

The one thing I AM concerned with is the REAL star of the show, the Knight Industries Two Thousand (or if you watched the POS reboot, Knight Industries Three Thousand), better known to the world as KITT.

Back in ’82, KITT was a beautiful, SLEEK and brand spankin’ new 1982 Pontiac Trans Am, voiced by William Daniels (“St. Elsewhere”, Mr. Feeny on “Boy Meets World”)…

…and in 2008, he was a 2008-09 Ford Shelby GT500KR muscle car first voiced by Will Arnett (“Arrested Development”) but replaced by Val Kilmer (Real Genius, Tombstone) before its premiere.

What KITT will look or sound like in the film is anyone’s guess, but as Daniels is still alive and kicking, I vote HIM…but if Copeland stays on after the first draft, I have a feeling they may turn to Will Arnett once again (due to the “AD” connection).

For the record, I am NOT a fan of these TV-to-film adaptations but as Starsky and Hutch, The Brady Bunch Movie and 21 Jump Street did fairly well at the box office and didn’t make me want to throw up in my mouth, I’ll reserve further judgment till I see the cast list.

Current release is slated for sometime in 2015.

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