‘Last Comic Standing’ Back This Summer with Norm Macdonald as New Judge

By March 12, 2015

After making a return last summer with an all-new format, NBC’s reality competition show “Last Comic Standing” is coming back this summer, but there will be some changes yet again.

With the return of “Last Comic Standing,” NBC has announced the first change comes in the form of “Saturday Night Live” veteran and comedian Norm Macdonald (below right) as the newest judge, joining returning comedians Roseanne Barr and Keenen Ivory Wayans on the panel to decide who will be the Last Comic Standing.

In addition, stand-up comic Anthony Jeselnik (below left) will be stepping up to host the show instead of JB Smoove. That’s an interesting change in the line-up since Jeselnik is known much more for his insult comedy humor and edgy, even raunchy, stand-up style. He’ll have to hold some of that back for network television for sure.

Anthony Jeselnik - Norm Macdonald

As for the format of the show, it’s being shaken up a bit. Since there’s only eight episodes this season (compared to last season’s 14 episodes), it’ll move faster with bigger cuts as the competition continues, and without a lot of the varied challenges there were last year. Auditions are still by invitation only, but this time, the 100 comedians picked from the opening auditions will be narrowed down to 40 spots (last year it was 20).

Then, those 40 comedians will compete in a semi-final round where only the Top 10 will move on to the new head-to-head round where each comic will be paired in a single-elimination round of stand-up stand offs. So this new season will basically cut out the middle part of last year’s competition, which is probably for the best.

From there, the Top 5 comics will advance to the finals where a winner will be crowned for the prize package worth $250,000, including a development deal for their own television show at NBC.

While last season was a fun return for the series, it’s nice to see that some of the more silly elements of the competition were cut out. Also, NBC’s hiring of Norm MacDonald shows they’re willing to skew towards more alternative, odd comedy this year, something that was really lacking last year. But no matter what, there’s sure to be some great talents getting on stage yet again this year.

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Ethan Anderton
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  • extraterrestrial

    they should just let jeselnik go all out it would get more views lol

  • Doddyboy

    last comic standing is so lame imo…

  • Clara

    why did they have to cut it down to 8 episodes???

  • goldchainsroundmyneck

    I should go on and win that 250k

  • JamesQFoster

    but the silly elements was what made it so gooood :((

  • JEN

    isn’t it supposed to be funny? why make it serious now

  • that guy over there

    nooo this is ruined for me


    norm macdonald should have been a judge sooo long ago!

  • AsianSensation

    that’s a lot of funny in one room o:

  • ron paul

    I have a feeling things will be a little more cutthroat this year

  • Clara

    they’re really trying to make a comedy contest more “serious”? thats a joke itself!!

  • Annie

    i think its good because this isnt all fun and games, these people are pursuing a career