‘Legend of Tarzan’ Trailer Offers New Look at Alexander Skarsgard as the King of the Jungle

By March 17, 2016

Before David Yates signed on to return to the Harry Potter world onscreen by directing this year’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, he directed The Legend of Tarzan featuring Margot Robbie and Alexander Skarsgard, which at the time, felt like a promising new adaptation of the classic story. The film is only just now getting its first theatrical trailers though years later, and from the looks of it, The Legend of Tarzan doesn’t quite seem to have as much promise as before.

Picking up years after he’s left the jungles of Africa with his wife, Jane, at his side, the film follows Tarzan as he is invited back to the Congo to act as a trade emissary for Parliament. Little does he know that he is actually the pawn in a deadly plot created by Captain Leon Rom (Waltz).

Check out the latest, CGI-heavy trailer for the film below:

Honestly, I feel like if the Planet of the Apes movies hadn’t come out over the past few years, then this might look better than it does. Unfortunately, they have come out, and this look like the blandest kind of bland, and when you’ve seen the kind of CGI apes onscreen that both Rise and Dawn gave us, these overly CGI animals just look half-assed, whether they were or not.

This is coming from someone that was very much looking forward to what David Yates would have in store for moviegoers following his tenure in the Harry Potter franchise as well, but hopefully with this coming out in the summer, and then Fantastic Beasts in the fall, Yates will be able to wipe the slate clean fairly quickly. Or Legend of Tarzan will end up being better than I think. If so, then whoever cut this trailer together should feel ashamed of themselves because its a jumbled mess that makes the film look like a jumbled mess with some very good actors scattered throughout.

Legend of Tarzan is set to hit theatres on July 1st.

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