Legendary Buys Rights To Family’s Real Life Story Of Demonic Possesion

By April 17, 2014

Whether it did or didn’t happen to Latoya Ammons and her family, Legendary now owns the rights to tell the story.

Back in 2011, Latoya Ammons says that she and her three children experienced “Poltergeist” meets “The Exorcist” meets “Paranormal Activity” like, well, activity in their Gary, Indiana, home when the kids began showing signs of weirdness like levitating, speaking in deep voices, growling and strangling each other. Crazy part is they have no idea it ever happened.

When the local community church, hospital and authorities (police, Department of Child Services) stepped in, they also ended up filing their own reports – including one from a DCS worker who claims to have witnessed one of Ammons’ sons “walking backwards up a wall and onto the ceiling, all the while smiling an ‘evil grin.'” Although there was a police-supervised exorcism, DCS still removed the children from the home as they suspected possible mental abuse by inducing these visions and actions.

And now after a massive bidding war, Legendary Pictures will be taking it to the big screen and the priest who gave the exorcism, Rev. Michael Maginot, already has a deal with Evergreen Media.

It smells like quite the tall tale to me, BUUUUUT if you’d like to know the entire story, feel free to click here; it makes for an interesting read.

What say you about this demonic possession stuff? DO we need another film? Sound off below!

Source: THR

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  • Walking backwards up a wall? That is some creepy stuff right there.