Leonard Nimoy’s Son to Make a Documentary About His Dad

By March 28, 2015

For millions of people all over the world, the death of Leonard Nimoy was a difficult thing to reconcile. The actor, director, and photographer touched millions of lives with his work, particularly as the logical first officer of the Enterprise, but mourning the loss of a public figure is very different from the kind of pain that Mr. Nimoy’s family has endured since his death. Now, though, Mr. Nimoy’s son has the opportunity to pay respects to his father in a way that seems appropriate, and in a way that he’ll be able to share with the fans who loved his father so much.

According to Variety, Adam Nimoy will produce a new documetary film called For the Love of Spock, which will chronicle the life and career of the late actor. Zachary Quinto, the actor that portrays Spock in the new Star Trek feature films — and who also became a close friend of Nimoy’s over the last several years — will narrate the film, which is being produced by Paramount-based production arm 455 Films.

In a statement about the film, Adam Nimoy said that its development initially involved his father before his death, and both men agreed that the main idea on which the project is based should be the enduring nature of the Spock character, and how its longevity is tied into Nimoy’s timeless performances. Apparently, the senior Nimoy had even discussed the project with his son up until two days before his death last month due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. In a statement to Variety, Adam Nimoy said,

This will be a tribute to my dad and Spock. We have plenty to work from because my dad loved telling stories and he was very fond of the role. […] He felt as if he had plenty of time, but then he declined precipitously. I was struck with the outpouring of affection for him after he died, so this feels like the right thing to do.

No doubt this will be a cathartic experience for both the lawyer-turned-filmmaker himself and the fans of his father alike. The film will go through normal film financing channels, and is expected to be completed next year. For more on this as it develops, keep a tab open to GeekNation.

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Chris Clow
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  • Sean L

    would love to see a documentary on Leonard Nimoy, it will be even more special because of the fact it is being made by his son.