‘Lethal Weapon’ TV Reboot Casts Its Martin Riggs

By March 10, 2016

Well, I guess it was going to happen sooner or later.

FOX’s Lethal Weapon TV series has made some remarkable amounts of progress over the past few weeks, after signing actor Damon Wayans Sr. as Roger Murtaugh, who was originally played by Danny Glover in the film series, and Jordan Brewster as one of the series’ female leads, the reboot has finally found the other half of its lead cop duo.

The network has officially announced that Rectify actor Clayne Crawford will be playing Martin Riggs in the series, a role made famous by Mel Gibson in the original four films. McG will direct the pilot episode of the series, with Matt Miller writing (Forever). Shane Black and director Richard Donner will not be involved in the series.

The series will follow Murtaugh, a veteran LAPD detective recovering from a heart attack, and Martin Riggs, who moves to Los Angeles from Texas following the tragic deaths of his wife and child. The two end up partnered together, with Riggs’ reckless, near-suicidal attitude clashing violently against Murtaugh’s dreams of some peace and quiet.

As someone that’s been a proud proponent of Sundance’s Rectify for years now (it honestly might just be the best show on television right now), I’ve been lucky enough to witness Crawford’s impressive onscreen talents through his work as Teddy in the series, so it’s not even that I’m necessarily all that opposed to this recasting, as much as I just wholeheartedly wish this reboot series wasn’t happening at all.

If they were going to recast Riggs though, Crawford is an interesting and talented choice. I just wish he wasn’t going to get to showcase said talents to a wider audience in a reboot to one of the most beloved action franchises of all time. But who knows? That could just be me.

The Lethal Weapon TV series is currently in development.

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Alex Welch

Alex Welch

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  • David Johnson

    Child, Texas, why didn’t they just write an ORIGINAL Story??????? Oh Yea Studios don’t use real screenwriters anymore!!!!

  • CDW in PC

    Soooo… will this take place in the 80’s as the original movie started in, or is this like an actual reboot to our present time? Casue if it’s the latter, that hasn’t quite worked out so well for Hawaii Five-O. That show is just terrible.

    • I don’t have much hope for it if I’m being honest. With none of the original creative talent involved, it just feels pointless.

  • Revenant Traveler

    A TV reboot of WHAT?!


    Enough said.

    • ShakierCleric: The Destroyer

      You deserve a thousand up-votes for that gif.

      • Revenant Traveler
        • ShakierCleric: The Destroyer

          You’re welcome.
          I’m not happy with this Lethal Weapon TV reboot at all.

          • Revenant Traveler

            *fist bump*

            No true fan of the “Lethal Weapon” franchise should be.

          • ShakierCleric: The Destroyer

            I’ll be honest, Revenant. Yes, I am a fan of Lethal Weapon. Danny Glover and Mel Gibson were perfect together in those movies, and I just don’t see how Damian Wayans, and his co-star will be as good.

            However, I am curious about the Training Day show. I only watched that movie once.

          • Revenant Traveler

            Well, I wish neither of them were in the offing as TV shows, but the “Lethal Weapon” prospect is ESPECIALLY galling-for the reason you mentioned and more.

          • The Training Day reboot doesn’t quite make me as angry since it was just one film, and while its beloved, isn’t nearly as well known as the Lethal Weapon franchise, which has become a cornerstone of the action genre. Out of all of the franchises to try and turn into a TV show, it just seems like the worst one.

          • Revenant Traveler

            Fair point.

          • ChargerBinks

            Oh… what ARENT you a fan of?

    • Spot on.

  • Omegacron

    Suckage abounds.