Let’s Recap: ‘Agent Carter’ Episode 3 – ‘Time And Tide’

By January 15, 2015

When it comes to a show like “Marvel’s Agent Carter,” anything could’ve happened this week with the third installment – we could’ve seen a lackluster episode, signaling the honeymoon is long over or a rosy afterglow after last week’s powerhouse two-hour premiere.

Luckily for us, an afterglow is in the cards.


Last week took us to action-packed and breathless heights as we were re-introduced to Agent Carter and Howard Stark as well as new introductions to Stark’s valet Edwin Jarvis as well as Carter’s fellow agents at SSR; this week, we still have action but with something I’d hoped for: Edwin Jarvis’ backstory.


At the end of last week’s episode, the license plate from the car Jarvis drove to Roxxon was traced back to Stark, and therefore Jarvis was dragged into SSR for interrogation, where Jarvis’ reserve is momentarily jarred during questioning when his own history of nearly being charged with treason and dishonorable discharge from the British military could affect his wife’s safety (as she has no idea of any of this). Later, Jarvis explains to Peggy that it was due to the fact that – while fighting in Budapest during the Nazi occupation – he met and fell in love with Anna (who we’ve only heard thus far and I suspect will never see) and in order to save her, forged his General’s signature on papers.

Of course, there’s another scene at the boarding house where a tenant is unceremoniously evicted from the boarding house – while sitting at the breakfast table with the other women – for breaking the “no men beyond the first floor” rule, but not before giving a ridiculously long speech about how Houdini had performed at the boarding house years earlier and even HE couldn’t get past the first floor as she sees and hears ALL. This triggers Carter to wonder how someone could’ve broken into Stark’s house to steal the plans/weapons.


When Carter and Jarvis find the stolen weapons (which include some kind of muscle contractor that’s quite painful) stowed away on a boat, she’s ambushed by a former strongman named Sandow – and he has zero problems beating up a woman – so when Jarvis (who calls SSR in disguise to tell them where the weapons are) intervenes, she hits Sandow with the muscle contractor and Jarvis makes him kiss a plank of wood. But as the SSR is rolling up to the boat, they have no time to hide or take Sandow with them.


Agent Krzeminski (who loves to hurl sexist barbs at Carter any chance he gets) and Agent Souza are first on scene, with Krzeminski assigned to take Sandow back to SSR HQ for questioning – unfortunately for him, someone else has joined them…and he’s not there to say hello. Green Suit (whom other agents have discovered his typewriting device during a search of his room, as it was his key they found at the milk truck crash site) gives Krzeminski a little fender bender action at the train tracks – but not before Sandow tells Agent K that it was one of his colleagues who knocked him out. When Agent K gets out to confront Green Suit, he is cruelly dispatched while Sandow tries to break the back window of the car but to no avail, leaving Sandow to beg for his life (“I didn’t say nothin!”) but Green Suit cares not; firing several shots into the back seat.

Carter returns to HQ and learns of Krzeminski’s demise – leaving her shocked and scared for Stark – as the entire unit (including Chief Dooley) vows to get Stark at all costs. She sadly goes to the Automat to talk to possibly her only non-spy friend, Angie.


This episode was a nice balance to the first two episodes and a great way to introduce a new character while dealing with the death of another (he was a dick but he was still a good agent); the introduction of Dottie Underwood as the new tenant at the boarding house can only mean a few things – she’s either an undercover Leviathan agent, one of Stark’s secret weapons, or another character all together. Either way, I’m excited!

I’m also curious to see just how Automat Angie fits into this world…I somehow doubt she’s just a waitress but if she is, it’s nice to know that Carter has someone she can talk to – even if she can’t tell Angie everything.

What did you think of this week’s episode? What would you like to see happen over the next five episodes?

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  • David Johnson

    Writing was still Amazing, Acting Excellent, & the Prop/Wardrobe Department Great Work. Wasn’t expecting the same pace as the 2 hour premiere so as far as i’m concerned still 5 Stars!!!