Let’s Recap: ‘Agent Carter’ Episode 5 – “The Iron Ceiling”

By February 4, 2015

Boy oh boy!

Last week, it was revealed that in this episode not only would Agent Carter be heading to Russia, but that she’d blow things up with old friends Dum Dum Dugan and the Howling Commandos. I should note that Dum Dum (Neil McDonough) was the only Commando to reprise their role from Captain America: The First Avenger but hey, I love me some Dum Dum!

And away we go!


This week’s episode opens on a private school/orphanage-type bedroom in Russia filled with what I’m guessing are 10 to 13-year old girls handcuffed to beds and a severe looking woman in uniform walks to each bed and unlocks their handcuffs in order for the girls to wake up and begin the day. When one of the girls’ handcuff is removed, she sneakily brings out a crust of bread and begins to eat from it; tearing off half to give to the girl who sleeps next to her — presumably a friend — smiling as they eat. But, this school is like no other and it becomes quite clear when one of their “classes” is to recite lines word for word from such classics as Disney’s Snow White and The Seven Dwarves — with the penultimate ‘creepy moment’ being the very same girls we saw moments earlier sharing a crust of bread and smiling now locked in combat. With a nod from the severe looking woman, one girl snaps the neck of the other.

Fast forward to the present…

When the confiscated “typewriter” begins to transmit from Dooley’s office, Peggy begins to translate what essentially says that Stark was somehow involved and in Russia. So, Peggy insists that she be one of the agents to go and handle this while Thompson (Chad Michael Murray) is trying HARD to get Dooley to deny her request — which he almost does — until she says she can (and does) contact the elusive Howling Commandos within minutes and they agree to meet her and the other agents, including Thompson, in Russia.

But, when Carter refuses (and rightly so) to change into tactical gear in a bathroom surrounded by, well, NOT SSR, and insists on changing in the men’s locker room, Sousa accidentally sees her in her delicates. When she turns her back, he notices two bullet hole scars on her shoulder. More on that later.

At this point, I should also tell you that Dooley finds Jarvis on an errand and lets him know that he’s not out for a witch hunt, and would really like to hear Stark’s side of the story — which is pretty damn cool.

WARNING: here be spoilers.

Meanwhile in Russia…


Everybody meets up, and the agents are surprised at how close Dum Dum and Peggy are, as well as the fact that she’s got skills. Some interesting things happen here: Thompson reluctantly tells the story of how he earned the Navy Cross for action in Japan (shot 6 enemy soldiers who entered his camp late at night), a Howling Commando is killed when they find one of the “girls” (below) sobbing and seemingly helpless – only to stab Dum Dum when he turns away from her and she killed Pinky in the process.



After stealthily stealing Carter’s room key, Dottie makes herself at home in Carter’s room while looking around for pictures (which she does – of Stark weapons), etc; she CLEARLY knows who Carter really is and has a bit of fun sitting at her vanity saying “I’m Peggy Carter” with an English accent while ogling Carter’s pic of Steve and smelling Carter’s knockout lipstick known as “102 – Sweet Dreams.”

Fun Fact: “102- Sweet Dreams” is an actual shade from Besame Cosmetics in Burbank — it’s real name being “1946 – Red Velvet.”

Back to the action!

While waiting for Dum Dum to find them an exit point, Carter and Thompson find themselves pinned between a rock and a hard place; all while taking enemy fire. Thompson freezes up while Carter clears the area of soldiers and right at that moment, Dum Dum blasts a hole in the wall, creating said exit point and they escape with the doctor they found (who reveals Leviathan kidnapped him BECAUSE they couldn’t find Stark) and Carter brings him back to SSR with her so that he can help them (as he no longer has a home or family to return to).

We get even MORE vulnerability when while on the cargo plane headed back to the U.S., Thompson admits to Carter that the one of the six soldiers he killed was holding a white flag, so he quickly hid the flag before anyone else saw it. This hopefully marks a change in the interactions between Thompson and Carter – maybe he’ll have a little more respect for Carter from now on.

But, sadly, what is given can also be taken away. Last week, Sousa found out the woman from the nightclub was a brunette; this week he finally figures out who the mystery blonde/brunette is when he’s looking at Carter’s medical file for the reason behind her bullet scars and discovers the blonde with her back to the camera also has two scars…in the same exact place. This is also the moment you can hear Sousa’s heart break.

Finally, we’re back to Dottie…who prepares for bed by taking a set of handcuffs from her nightstand and cuffing herself to the bed. Yup, she’s the little neck-breaker who is — you guessed it — a Black Widow.

Pretty exciting stuff this week! With Carter’s cover now blown fulfilling what we already know about her being on the run, there’s a LOT that can happen in the remaining three episodes.

I know I’ve left some things out but I’d love to hear YOUR take on this week’s episode!

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