Let’s Recap: ‘Agent Carter’ Episode 6 – “A Sin To Err”

By February 11, 2015

At the end of last week’s episode, Agent Sousa (Enver Gjokaj) is two steps away from discovering (through medical records) that Agent Carter was indeed the mystery blonde seen at the club.

And away we go!

Dr. Ivchenko (Ralph Brown), the Russian psychiatrist Carter and the Howling Commandos rescued last week and brought back to work at S.S.R. begins to reveal details about how he was forced to work for Leviathan and of course, we see in a flashback the female assassin is one Dottie Underwood (Bridget Regan) and how young girls are trained there to be assassins – as women are easily ignored and therefore, harder to suss out as spies/assassins – but the story is interrupted by an excited Carter to the point that Chief Dooley (Shea Whigham) pulls her aside and tells her she needs to calm down. But when she explains that she’s pretty sure the person who killed Agent Krzeminski was a female – as ballistics showed the recovered bullet was from a Russian weapon with a grip suitable for a woman – and Stark was very possibly a victim of a honeypot the night his vault was robbed (thus setting the ball in motion for this eight-episode series). Once Dooley (who at this point isn’t convinced Stark is guilty) gets Carter to cool her jets, he tells her to “chase” her theory.

L&L waitress (and Carter’s BFF) Angie (Lyndsy Fonseca) gets Carter a new room key (as Dottie stole hers). Jarvis and Carter team up again and she tells him her theory and asks Jarvis “to make a list of every woman Stark’s been with in the last year,” to which he (and I) chuckles, prompting Carter to lower it to six months with Jarvis cracking wise about maybe he should just list women from the Western Hemisphere.

Sousa takes a little trip to prison where he meets up with Sheldon (aka Kevin’s a-hole big brother from Home Alone) – remember the dairy truck full of nitramine? – shows him a pic of Carter, whom he identifies and said she’s a pretty girl (when she wasn’t punching him in the face).

OH MY DAMN. It’s about to get ALL KINDS of bumpy!

When Jarvis and Carter get the list of women he bought diamond bracelets (known as “The Stark Special”) for as a “parting gift, which included actresses like Ginger Rogers, Carter wants to go meet said women so that Jarvis can identify them. But Jarvis tries to beg off as he reveals HE’S the one who has to deal with said Stark conquests after the fact, so he gets yelled at, slapped and the like (as he warned Carter would happen) and said that Stark has a propensity toward “violent women.”

Dooley and the psychiatrist share a nice moment – but I’ll save that for you darlings to discover for yourself.


Meanwhile, Dottie has holed herself up in the dentist’s office (after she kills the pervy dentist, of course) across from S.S.R. HQ — and more specifically, Dooley’s office window — with a sniper rifle but what happens next is sad and brilliant at the same time; I won’t share it all but what I CAN tell you is that Dottie now has a new directive…

Dooley nearly gets honeydicked himself but is saved by a knock on the door by Sousa saying he needs to talk right now.


During another meeting at the L&L, Carter and Jarvis are ambushed by the S.S.R. but Carter fights her way out of it and Jarvis gets in on the action by laying out an agent with a lunch tray (accompanied by the cutest smile) – all to the tune of Peggy Lee’s “It’s a Good Day.”

She makes it out the back door only to be met by Agent Thompson (Chad Michael Murray), whom she quickly knocks the EFF OUT is then met by Agent Sousa but he begs her not to run because if she does, he’ll know it’s true. She apologizes, walks away and I’m left tearing up a little because I really like Agent Sousa. Being a disabled person in a fast moving world, I completely identify with Sousa and for some reason this scene just got to me. Perhaps it’s because Sousa loves her (whether as a friend or more) and you can see the pain in his eyes when he begs her not to run but she knows she has to get back to The Griffith for the vial of Steve Rogers’ blood before Dottie or anyone else can get to it as THAT is the world’s most powerful and dangerous weapon.


Carter is now pretty much “Public Enemy #2” (with her buddy Howard Stark) and has to go on the run…no fun or burger on a bun here, though (as Betty and Wilma sang on “The Flintstones”).

dr ivchenko

Meanwhile back at S.S.R. HQ, Dr. Ivchenko is being a no-goodnik by hypnotizing Agent Yauch (Alexander Carroll) into not only revealing where the secret vault containing the stolen Stark weapons are but also announces that Dooley’s the only one who can go there now as Carter’s been discovered as a double agent, leading Dooley to trust NO ONE. Needless to say, things do not end well for Yauch.


As Sousa, Thompson and other S.S.R. agents arrive at The Griffith while Peggy is in her room grabbing the vial from it’s hidey hole and hears the apartment’s matron Miriam (Meagan Fay) demanding the agents’ names and badge numbers, and makes her escape. The agents break down her door but she is nowhere to be found; had they looked out the window, they’d have found her.


After a treacherous trek on the ledge, Angie sees her and asks what the hell she’s doing – but it’s then the S.S.R. bangs on HER door to ask about Carter (whom they know she is friends with) – and Angie uses her acting (and womanly crying) skills to make the agents so hilariously uncomfortable, they eventually leave her room. But as Sousa’s convinced Carter IS still in the building, they fan out and search for her.

Carter and Angie share a moment before she makes her escape but as she makes her way down the hall, she runs into Dottie – who gives her a huge hug and a kiss on the lips – which Carter discovers too late is her very own #102 Sweet Dreams knockout lipstick. As Dottie is about to kill her, they’re both found by Thompson, Sousa and crew and is taken in handcuffs back to S.S.R. HQ.

Angie knocks on Dottie’s door to let her know Miriam wants all tenants downstairs for a meeting but is met with an empty room while Carter finds herself in an interrogation room with Sousa, Thompson and Dooley. When she is shown the pictures, Dooley says “Don’t go easy on her just because she’s a woman.”

HOLY CRAP! This episode was crazy — like “Lucas with the lid off” crazy.

With only TWO episodes left, I am absolutely DROOLING for an epic fistfight to the death between Carter and Dottie. What about you?

Stay tuned!

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