Live-Action ‘Dumbo’ Movie Coming From ‘Transformers’ Writer

By July 8, 2014

No, you didn’t eat bad oysters last night or have too much champagne-laced water like a certain poor baby elephant with big ears. According to THR, a live-action version of the 1941 Disney cartoon Dumbo is in the works. Who’s writing it? Well, Transformers franchise writer Ehren Kruger, of course. Makes total sense.

The site says that the film will be an “adaptation of the original movie while adding a unique family story that parallels Dumbo’s story.” Personally, I haven’t watched it in years. It’s one of those Disney movies that hurt my soul. Dumbo is teased mercilessly for his large ears. His mother defends him and is locked away and called a mad elephant. He only has a little mouse as a friend. Sure, it ends well, but I just can’t watch. Hearing about a live-action version makes me think two things. First, how do you do this without using performing elephants? Of course, I have no idea if they’re going to do this all in CGI. Certainly the fact that Dumbo flies with his large ears is going to have to be computer generated, but the rest? Live elephants in an action movie isn’t exactly going to make us animal lovers happy. And using all CGI seems to defeat the purpose. Second, on the positive side, it’s possible that this will bring awareness to the plight of elephants in the wild and in captivity.


If you’ve been paying attention to the movie scene lately, you know that doing live-action versions of Disney classics is the big trend right now. Maleficent, the story of the antagonist from Sleeping Beauty is the latest. Alice in Wonderland starring Johnny Depp is getting a sequel. Live-action versions of Cinderella, The Jungle Book, and Beauty and the Beast are all currently in various stages of development or production.

We’d love to get your take on this. How do you feel about a live-action Dumbo? And do you think Kruger – who also wrote The Ring, Scream 3, Reindeer Games, and a handful of other things – is the guy to do it? Let us know in the comments.

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Jenna Busch
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