Live-Action ‘Futurama’ Fan-Film Hits The Web

By December 24, 2016

Futurama, the animated comedy from The Simpsons creator Matt Groening, has been brought back to life. No, not as another outing by some cable channel, but instead as a fan-made, live-action episode called Fan-O-Rama.

Fan-O-Rama is the brainchild of Dan Lanigan, a self-described visionary who began working on the idea of a live-action Futurama film in 2014. He posted a trailer last July, which garnered significant attention for its production values and makeup effects.

And while no release date was given last summer in when we might see this full episode, earlier this week his production company Cinema Relics quietly uploaded the full-length version to their YouTube channel, which you can find on GeekNation right here.

The impressive visual effects were supervised by Martin Meunier, a puppeteer and animator from Laika Entertainment, who received an industry Oscar for his pioneering work in stop-motion film production.

According to Fan-O-Rama‘s official website, once Lanigan realized in 2014 he wanted to bring Futurama to life, he signed on Kody Frederick to star, help write and produce, as well as “add the sex-appeal sorely lacking in the cartoon.” He also brought in his niece, Katie Lanigan, to act, produce and “add the nepotism sorely lacking in the cartoon.”

He activated the legendary Garzatron, a synthetic being capable of carrying on 16 conversations at once with himself, to help design and build stuff. Adam Cook was raised from the dead in accordance with ancient Swedish prophecy to help produce. Dan secured the musical genius, Eric Diaz, a talented singer-songwriter, to make costumes. He brought aboard Andy Klimczak so he wouldn’t be the only fat guy on set. He also acted and helped write.

With the team in place, he was ready to make history: future history.

Unlike many fan productions, Fan-O-Rama didn’t utilize crowdfunding to bring its vision to life – the entire project was financed privately. Nor are there any plans for a follow-up, so fans who need a little more Futurama in their lives will have to be content with this offering.

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Brent Hankins

Brent Hankins

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