‘Lord of the Rings’ Land May Be Heading to Disney World

By October 16, 2013

The Lord of the Rings Minas Tirith

We just wrote about how James Cameron and his team at Lightstorm Entertainment are hard at work creating an Avatar Land to open at Disney World in 2017, but now another large scale film franchise is rumored to be heading to Orlando as well. WDW News Today (via TheOneRing) says there are plans to bring a theme park based on The Lord of the Rings to Disney World, and it could open as soon as 2018.

Depending on whether or not this actually happens (as of now, this should still be qualified as a rumor, albeit a fun one to think about) Disney World could become a much cheaper option for LOTR fans to visit recreations of their favorite films than traveling all the way to New Zealand. (Though they did just open a pretty kick-ass Hobbit pub there.)

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy poster

The rumors indicate that Disney would put this new addition next to a planned Star Wars park that’s also been discussed in hushed tones over the past few months. That one would go in the Hollywood Studios area of Walt Disney World (formerly MGM Studios), and this Lord of the Rings land would also be a part of that park’s expansion.

The brass at Disney and Warner Bros. are apparently having discussions about the details, and it certainly makes sense for the Mouse House to want to expand with one of the most popular film properties in the world, considering how Universal is tearing it up across town with their Wizarding World of Harry Potter (which they’re also planning on bringing to the West Coast soon). Again, no contracts have been signed at this point, but that’s not going to stop us from spending the rest of the day thinking about the amazing Lord of the Rings and Hobbit-related attractions Disney’s Imagineers could cook up. Any suggestions for rides? Leave ’em in the comments below.

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  • Larry

    I have some ideas how Universal could make LOTR into a theme park. First and foremost would be a shrine to the Tolkien family, more specifically J. R. R. Tolkien, a creative workshop for future writers of all kinds for the fantasy genre, A bookstore with all of Tolikien’s books. C. S. Lewis and so forth, a place for current authors for book signings. Make this theme park NOT only for children. Everything at theme park should be LOTR / The Hobbit inspired, restaurants, pubs, mini- golf, ponds, rides on water, etc., etc.. Let’s not cheese it up too much please. The park should have two different entrances, one for Humans, Elves, Dwarves and Hobbits. Each parking space can be named for each race. Other entrance, for the who favor Orcs, Goblins, Sauramon the White. Parking spaces for that entrance can be Isengard and Mordor. Kinda like in the pc game World of Warcraft, you have Alliance and Horde. This theme park could divide itself and meet in the middle after a Mines Of Moria ride, then a Mt. Doom thrilling ride, using the eagles and / or the flying creatures of the Nazul. Those who can’t handle roller coaster rides like myself can have a really nice path leading to final part of park, which could be more Hobbit themed. A barrel water ride, let’s say a bumper barrel ride. Some can paddle the barge, all towards a resting area, Lake Town theme. I’ll stop here for now, I could go on and on.