‘The Lord of The Rings’ Trilogy Collection Auction is Massive

By October 8, 2013

Remember last year when I told you about the Spartacus prop auction where they sold off all 5000 props – from the massive tables right down to the leather-bound folders containing parchment papers – when the show ended?

Well, it’s happening again…this time in good ol’ Beverly Hills.

Julien’s Auctions recently sent out a press release that made me wish I were so rich it’s vulgar…here’s why.


They’re selling off some props and costumes created for The Lord of The Rings trilogy of films. AHHHHHHH!!!!

Known as “The Trilogy Collection: Props and Costumes from Middle Earth,” Julien’s gained access to a rare collection from a SINGLE collector (who’s spent the last ten years building said collection) that “is second only to director Peter Jackson’s own official archive” and includes props, costumes and prosthetics worn by characters you know like the back of your hand as well as miniatures and pre-production items.

Here’s a small sample of what’s going up for bid (along with their estimates):

Frodo’s Sword, Sting ($100,000-$200,000)


Ringwraith Costume Display ($80,000-$100,000)



Aragorn’s Sword ($50,000-$70,000)



Gimli’s Battle Axe ($50,000-$70,000)



Gandalf the White’s Staff ($50,000-$70,000)



Samwise Gamgee’s Prosthetic Hobbit Feet ($15,000-$30,000)


Samwise Gamgee’s Prosthetic Hobbit Ears ($5,000-$8,000)

Costume LOTR WETA Sam Gamgee Ears Large

Admittedly, it’s gonna cost you a lot of lembas bread to own one of these items BUT the next best thing is that you can own the auction catalog for a mere 50 bones. If you happen to find yourself in Ireland anytime soon, you can see the collection at Newbridge Silverware’s Museum of Style Icons; if you live stateside, you can see the collection when it hits Julien’s Gallery here in Beverly Hills from Monday, Dec 2 – Thursday, Dec 5th to get an up close and personal look at these items before they hit the auction block on December 5th!

Did I also mention you do not have to actually BE at the auction house in order to bid? THAAAAT’S RIGHT! You lot with money to burn but can’t or don’t want to travel will be able to bid online!


For more info about the collection and other fine stuffs, hit the official website!

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