Los Angeles Fights For George Lucas Museum

By November 13, 2016


Los Angeles wants the next creation from George Lucas. And, well, it’s not Star Wars. Or even Indiana Jones. Heck, it’s not even THX 1138.

woody-inset111316Instead, government officials in the California city want Lucas to bring his Museum of Narrative Art there. Not only would Los Angeles host the museum about movies and storytelling, according to the Associated Press, it also would add 1,500 construction jobs, and 350 permanent jobs to the city.

The website for the Lucas museum says it won’t draw distinctions between “high art” and “popular art.” That means visitors can find all kinds of different art, whether it’s from a lesser-known painter, or something created for an animated movie, for example.

One visit may change not only the way you think about museums, but what you think art is. You’re already familiar with narrative art, because it’s the art that tells the stories you love. Our collection features the original, artist-made creations – from sketches to storyboards to sets and costumes from movies. And we showcase narrative art in paintings, illustrations, comic art, photography and many other media.

We’re asking you to take another look at that art with us, and appreciate it for the artistry in the storytelling.

Fully funded by the Lucas family (at a reported cost of $1 billion), the museum’s design is expected to include a fine-dining restaurant, cinematic theaters, various lecture halls, digital classrooms, a 4,200-square-foot library, and even production-quality editing classrooms.

Lucas had originally planned to open the museum in Chicago after spending four years unsuccessfully negotiating a site in San Francisco. However, a civic group opposed the planned location of the museum, winning a successful court judgment in 2015, and forcing Lucas to officially abandon the city earlier this year.

“No one benefits from continuing their seemingly unending litigation to protect a parking lot. The actions initiated by Friends of the Parks and their recent attempts to extract concessions from the city have effectively overridden approvals received from numerous democratically elected bodies of government.”

Lucas has eyed a potential location for the museum, according to the AP: Exposition Park, across from the Natural History Museum. That area already is known for its museums and other cultural attractions, all set on 160 acres located along Interstate 110, just south of downtown Los Angeles.

Lucas, however, still has hopes of building the museum in San Francisco. If that works out, it would be located the same place where the 1940 World’s Fair was held – Treasure Island.

There seems to be no timeline set for when Lucas could make his decision, but it could be as early as 2017.

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Michael Hinman

Michael Hinman

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