‘Luke Cage’ Casts Simone Missick as Female Lead

By September 3, 2015

Following their smash hit success with Daredevil earlier this year, Marvel and Netflix are continuing on with the rest of their Defenders series with more momentum than they had initially going into it. Filming on Daredevil‘s second season is already currently underway, with the follow-up set to introduce not only Matt Murdock’s most iconic love interest in the comics, Elektra, but also Frank Castle himself, The Punisher. However, audiences can still look forward to one more new series from the two studios this year with Jessica Jones, which is said to be a private investigator drama turned on its head with superpowered beings.

One of the main things that die-hard fans are most likely looking forward to with the first season of Jessica Jones is not only being introduced to the lead heroine, but also the introduction of Luke Cage, set to be played by Mike Colter. The character has been due for an onscreen adaptation for some time now, and following his small role in the first season of Jessica Jones, Cage is set to have a season of his own premiering sometime next year.

It looks like we may have just found the show’s younger female lead too. Following yesterday’s addition of Theo Rossi as one of the first season’s villains, Deadline is reporting that actress Simone Missick has officially been cast in Luke Cage as a character named Missy, a woman with a strong sense of justice in the world. In all actuality though, the report states that Missick will actually be playing the comic book character, Misty Knight from the comics, a former NYPD officer, who after losing her arm in the line of duty, is given a bionic arm from Tony Stark. She eventually starts a detective agency in order to help Cage.

The series will follow Luke Cage, a wrongly accused prison convict, who after being granted extreme superhuman strength following a failed prison experiment, breaks out of jail and becomes a hero for hire. Rosario Dawson is also set to reprise her role as Claire Temple from Daredevil season one in the new series, providing a new connection between the different shows.

With both Elektra and Misty Knight now being introduced in two of Marvel and Netflix’s shows next year, it’ll be interesting to see so many strong, female characters explode onto the scene next year. Considering the low amount of female superheroes being shown onscreen nowadays too, something tells me they’ll be more than welcome additions to the Marvel TV Universe next year. Now we’ll just have to wait and see if the series will keep Misty’s backstory with Tony Stark or not because wouldn’t that be interesting?

Luke Cage is set to premiere on Netflix sometime in 2016.

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