‘Luke Cage’ Star Simone Missick Was Actually Shot While Filming The Netflix Series

By September 30, 2016

It doesn’t take long before Marvel’s Luke Cage establishes Simone Missick’s Detective Misty Knight for the smart, bad ass she is. Missick plays the character with a stubborn curiosity and strength that stays consistent even when the bullets start firing and she sees a guy who’s shirt is riddled with bullet holes, without any blood coming from where it should.

However, it looks like the action on the show wasn’t always contained, and Missick may have taken or given a few gunshots of her own as well.

Speaking with Metro UK, Missick revealed that she actually got shot “in the face” with a squibb round while filming one of the show’s action scenes without her stunt double:

“I got shot in the face! Our lovely special effects team were like: ‘No, no! Don’t use a double. You’ll be fine!’ and I said: ‘Alright guys! I’ll trust you this time even though I’ve heard horrible things!’ And I got shot in the face and got a dozen roses the next day.”

Missick went on to reveal that she may have slipped up herself though, and thrown her character’s handcuffs with a little bit too much force during one of her scenes:

“I also threw handcuffs at somebody and busted their lip right before the Thanksgiving holidays, so I’m not perfect.”

These kinds of accidents are pretty common on superhero projects and big blockbuster tentpoles like this, and considering the interesting mix between superhero action and violent realism laced throughout the entirety of Luke Cage, it doesn’t surprise me that some of the many squibb rounds in the series may have caused some actual, if only minor, injuries.

Luke Cage season one is available on Netflix now.

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