‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Director George Miller Teases The Future of Furiosa

By January 7, 2016

Hey so, in case you didn’t know – director George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road was really good, and basically everyone in the world ended up liking it. It was (to put it lightly) an action extravaganza of a higher degree that not only gave us one of the best action movie of the past decade, but also one of the best dystopian worlds we’ve ever seen onscreen. In fact, the film was so beloved, that it’s been a constant wildcard going into this year’s awards season, which is more than almost any other action film of recent memory can say.

However, I will try to limit my endless raving about the film when writing this story because that’s basically all that’s been available when it comes to Fury Road coverage over the past year. For those of you out there that instantly fell in love with Charlize Theron’s Imperator Furiosa (which was hard not to) though, this may come as some very good news to you.

While recently speaking with EW, Miller confirmed once and for all that while he does plan on returning to the Wasteland again with a Fury Road sequel, he will be making a much smaller film first:

“Yes, I have. And certainly having conversations about it. But I’m not sure if it’s the very next movie I want to do. I’ve got something a bit smaller before we go back out into the wasteland — something that’s contemporary that we can get through fairly quickly. And something with not too much technical difficulty. Something more performance-based and so on, just to clear the exhaust.”

Now, this part isn’t really all that shocking considering Miller has commented in detail about his plans with the sequel previously, and after he was already rumored to be directing DC’s Man of Steel 2, it makes sense that the director might want to take a break from the kind of large production that he dealt with during Fury Road.

However, something that he’s remained much more vague about, is the future of Charlize Theron’s Furiosa in the franchise. Will she appear again? If so, then when? Well, while he’s still opting to avoid answering any of those questions in a concrete manner, he did reveal that he’d very much be interested in exploring the character’s backstory in a future film:

“Her backstory is really interesting. We only allude to it in this movie because this movie is on the run; people don’t have much time for recreational talk. But you pick up, you have a sense of her having gone through stuff. That’s what the film is trying to do. You’re trying to put a lot of iceberg under the tip, I like saying.”

I don’t think I’m being hyperbolic when I say that Furiosa was one of the best, breakout characters of cinema last year, and she made an impact not only for modern female characters, but for the format in general. The film’s ending did seem to hint at a parting of ways between Max and Furiosa however, so I understand if Miller decides to hold off on her return until later down the line. If she does appear in the sequel though, I don’t think I’ll be the only one more-than-happy to see more from our favorite Imperator.

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