‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ May Be Coming Back to Theatres in a Way You Haven’t Seen It Before

By December 14, 2015

In terms of 2015 as a year for movies, no other titles quite seem to stand out like George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road. The fourth installment in the action franchise packed more of a punch than practically every other blockbuster film of the past few years, and is currently enjoying yet another quality run as it wins new awards left and right, including Best Picture in some instances. Sending moviegoers into a dystopian world unlike any other we’ve seen, the film was ferocious in its integrity and left most critics gasping for breath by the time it was over.

However, Miller has also expressed his thoughts on a different cut of the film, one that would have been black & white, with practically no dialogue. The director said that this cut of the film would have been the most accurate in tone to what he had originally conceived, and while some fans have tried to create their own cuts of the film in this same fashion, none have been able to achieve quite the same level of infamy as the theatrical version.

Despite reports that the director had been denied the B&W cut from Warner Bros., it looks like there might still be a chance that moviegoers could see Miller’s alternate cut of Fury Road after all.

In a recent article from Screen Daily about the making of the film, the piece briefly touches on the B&W version, and according to the report – producer Doug Mitchell has confirmed that there is an official version of the film exactly like what Miller described months ago, and could receive a theatrical release sometime in 2016. This also comes after WB already re-released the film in theatres just this past September as well, hoping to capitalize on its already beloved status.

In a lot of ways, Fury Road defied the logic of nearly everything going on in the film industry today. Aside from being the continuation of an already-existing franchise, the film managed to be an action blockbuster that lived by its own rules, rather than trying to appeal to a wide demographic. Not only that, but the film has also been rumored to be a Best Picture contender at next year’s Academy Awards, which is more than practically any other action film of the past few years can also say.

Fans of the film have already expressed their interests in seeing the B&W version, and it is possible that Warner Bros. could try and capture lightning in a bottle again with a re-release of the alternate cut. However, the silent version would definitely appeal to a much more niche portion of the audiences, and it’d be interesting to see how well it would do at the box office. Not only as a re-release of a film from 2015, but also as a different, B&W and silent version. For the record though, we’d most definitely be interested in seeing what Miller had in mind with his other cut.

Mad Max: Fury Road could be coming back to theatres in 2016.

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