Mads Mikkelsen Confirms There Will Be Iconic Characters in ‘Star Wars: Rogue One’

By May 1, 2016

A few days ago, Rogue One – A Star Wars Story actor Mads Mikkelsen revealed that he’ll be playing Jyn Erso’s (Felicity Jones) father in the film, before cutting himself off immediately after, in fear of revealing too much. Which brought up some interesting questions about what role Jyn’s father could play in the film, as well as what his place in the Star Wars history could possibly be.

One of the biggest questions about the film as well though, following reports of Darth Vader having a small role in the film, as well as its unique time setting, is the possibility of seeing Original Trilogy or Rebels characters appearing throughout it.

While speaking with Standard Online, Mikkelsen confirmed that Rogue One will in fact feature both iconic and new characters, though he didn’t divulge specifically which ones:

“Some of them – but I would reveal too much. There are iconic characters in our film and also characters you have never heard of. It’s a mix.”

That’s not all though, as Mikkelsen also revealed that the film will feature flashback scenes featuring him and a younger version of Jones’ Jyn Erso:

“I spend a lot of time with [Jones] and she’s a wonderful actress. I play her dad at the time of Felicity and I play her dad when she’s younger, so we jump back and forth in time.”

Now, I think that fans are basically just expecting Vader to appear in this movie at this point, despite not seeing or hearing anything official that might indicate that. Though there is one shot involving the royal imperial guards in the teaser trailer that has caused some heavy speculation from the fans.

Other than that though, the inclusion of iconic characters isn’t really that big of a deal, since we saw Mon Mothma included in the trailer anyways, however, it does open up the possibility of seeing some even more iconic characters in the film, including possibly Vader, or some of the other Rebellion leaders from the original trilogy. From the trailer alone, it seemed like Jyn Erso is a character with a unique past, but it sounds like her past and her father in specific, may play a larger role in her Rogue One arc than we may have thought. Which should be more than enough speculation-inducing news to get some of you Star Wars fans out there excited moving into the new week.

Rogue One – A Star Wars Story is set to hit theatres on December 16th.

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