Magic: The Gathering’s Dark Ascension (Review)

By June 27, 2012

The new Magic: The Gathering set Dark Ascension is the even darker follow up to last year’s darkly themed Innistrad set. It expands and mixes well with the previous Innistrad cards. Dark Ascension introduces two new mechanics that I have really enjoyed: Fateful Hour and Undying.

Fateful Hour is a special ability triggered when the controller’s health drops to 5 or less. MTG already lends itself well to building up tension every turn, and Fateful Hour is the kind of ability that makes those last few turns that much more exciting.

The Undying special ability acts as an instant resurrection buffer as long they don’t have a +1/1 marker. Once they are revived in this way, they gain a +1/1 marker. This works well for aggressive tactics.

Here are a few cards that I got that I found particularly awesome:

  • Increasing Devotion: The awesome art of this card is only enhanced by the fact that it kicks ass! If you’ve got enough mana, you can end up casting it twice, giving you fifteen freakin’ creatures. It summons a legion!

  • Gravepurge: It’s a common card, but it is AMAZING. No matter how many of your best creatures have bitten the dust, this gives you a chance to get them all back.

  • Mikaeus, The Unhallowed: A viciously powerful creature that stands a totem of power for your army, making all of your appropriately undead creatures stronger.

  • Zombie Apocalypse: As the name implies, this card is bad news for your enemies. It summons a metric fecal-ton of zombies onto the field.

  • Chalice of Life & Death: The perfect artifact for those who play it safe. Once you get enough extra life, you can just start annihilating your opponent by dealing tons of damage every round.

I didn’t get any of the craziest or rarest cards of the Dark Ascension set, but I feel good about them. If you’ve got some Innistrad cards already, picking up some Dark Ascension Intro Sets would be a good way to beef up your game.

Image source: Wizards of the Coast.

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