Maisie Williams Reveals The ‘Game of Thrones’ Characters Arya Most Wants to Kill in Season 7

By June 27, 2016

Warning: This post will contain spoilers for Game of Thrones season six.

Last night’s season finale of Game of Thrones featured the return of Arya Stark to Westeros, something fans had been hoping for ever since she left really, and she didn’t waste much time getting back to her mission. Arriving almost instantly at Riverrun, Arya disguised herself as another unknown girl, tricking Walder Frey into eating meat pies made out of his sons, before then revealing herself to him and slitting his throat open as she watched him die.

It was satisfying to see the Red Wedding finally, fully avenged this season, though I don’t know if anyone enjoyed the moment as much as Arya did, who had a crazed look in her eyes afterwards.

With Jon and Sansa now leading Winterfell and the North, Bran at the Wall, and now Arya back, it’s hard to tell what’ll happen next with the Starks. Will both Bran and Arya venture home now, or will they choose different paths? It’s hard to tell for Bran, but with Arya, she still has quite a few names on her list that aren’t anywhere near Winterfell right now, which could impact her decision.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly though, Maisie Williams provided an update on Arya’s list, revealing the top three people she may still want to kill in the seventh season next year:

“Arya still has a medium-length list of people that she wants dead, but if I had to put them in order of who she wants dead the most, just three of them, it’d probably go Cersei, Melisandre, and The Mountain or Ilyn Payne.”

I’d say that sounds about right, though with Dany on her way to Westeros now as well, Arya Stark might be the last thing that Cersei should be worried about at this point. Though, I think we can all agree that she has plenty to worry about, despite that smug smile on her face for a majority of last night’s episode. Seeing which of those three, and the remaining names on her list that Arya is able to check off will be interesting to see though, especially if she continues to hunt them down, or chooses to reunite with her brother and sister first.

For those of you that might need an update on Arya’s complete list, including who she wants dead, who’s alive still, and why she wants each of them dead as well, then check this out below:

  • Cersei Lannister: For having her father arrested (Alive)
  • Joffrey Baratheon: For ordering her father executed (Dead)
  • Ser Meryn Trant: Because he killed her instructor Syrio Forel (Dead, killed by Arya hersel)
  • Tywin Lannister: For planning Robb and Catelyn’s deaths (Dead)
  • Walder Frey: For betraying and killing Catelyn and Robb at the Red Wedding (Dead, killed by Arya herself)
  • Polliver: Because he captured her, kelled Lommy, and took Needle (Dead, killed by Arya herself)
  •  The Hound: For killing the butcher’s boy (Alive)
  • The Mountain: For torturing people at Harrenhal (Zombie)
  • Melisandre: For taking Gendry away from her (Alive)
  • Ser Ilyn Payne: For beheading Ned (Alive)
  • Beric Dondarrion and Thoros of Myr: For giving up Gendry to Melisandre (Alive, though they may not be on the list anymore)

Update: we still have to wait one year before season seven arrives by the way. In case, you like me, had tried to block out that painful realization.

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