Man Battles A UK Blockbuster Location Over PS4 Refund

By November 6, 2013

It was announced today that one-time home video rental giant Blockbuster is shutting down their remaining 300 U.S. stores in January and their DVD-by-mail services by mid-December. The company’s woes spread across the ocean to their branches in the UK, which are also going away.

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So what happens if you pre-ordered your PS4 from them and instead of issuing you a refund, they offer you store credit?

WELL…if you’re Adam Sibley of Dunstable, England, you protest like a mofo.

When Sibley, 31, learned the local Blockbuster he pre-ordered his PlayStation 4 from was “going into adminstration” (aka CLOSING) for a second time, he went and requested a refund and was told that they couldn’t do it. The store offered him £450 (around $720 US) in store credit instead. Gordon Brothers Europe (current owners of Blockbuster) said that local stores aren’t allowed to authorize cash refunds, hence the store credit alternative.

What the fuuuuu…

Sibley himself said, “Who in their right mind is going to spend £450 on Blu-rays and CDs a month before Christmas. It’s unreasonable for them to expect me to do that when I was expecting a console.”

And that’s when shiz got real.

Not one to take things lying down, Sibley decided a one-man sit-in was in order…and that’s exactly what he did.


Armed with a megaphone and handmade sign, Sibley sat in front of the store at 9 a.m., alternating between demanding his money back and telling customers not to go in the store as loudly as his megaphone would allow.

In the fastest protest resolution ever, Sibley not only got his refund when the store opened its doors at 9:30 a.m., he also earned one for the “win” column. “It’s a great result. I was the first customer in the store and my refund was the first transaction so I am very happy with that.”

And according to BBC News, a Blockbuster rep said, “We can confirm that Blockbuster Entertainment Ltd. will be providing refunds for pre-orders, but local stores will be unable to fulfill such claims.”

So, whaddya think? Is Andy Sibley a Hero or Hothead?

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