‘Man In The High Castle’ Shares First Look

By November 4, 2016


So what was a day in the life like for a teenager going to high school in the 1960s? You can turn on an old television show for that.

What you really want to know is what school life was like in a 1960s where Nazi Germany won the war. And Amazon has now released that very scene as a sneak peak into Season 2 of its popular series The Man in the High Castle.

Based on the 1963 novel from Philip K. Dick, it seems the alternative history series is picking up right where it left off, allowing us to follow Thomas Smith, played by Quinn Lord, as he makes his way through the halls of his Long Island high school. When he finally gets to class, a friend asks him how many slaves former U.S. presidents George Washington and Thomas Jefferson had.

But talking about the misdeeds of the country’s Founding Fathers isn’t where this clip ends. No, instead, Smith – a Hitler Youth member who’s also the son of an SS officer investigating resistance to the Nazis in New York – is asked to lead the class in the pledge.

And, well, this is one you’ll have to watch to believe.

The series was created by Frank Spotnitz, who also was the showrunner in the first season. The 10-episode second season, which shows a true divided country – because Germany and Japan split the spoils, not because of Republican vs. Democrat – premieres Dec. 16 on the subscription streaming service.

It stars Alexa Davalos, Rupert Evans, Luke Kleintank, DJ Qualls, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, and Rufus Sewell as SS officer John Smith.

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