‘Manhunt’ TV Drama Coming to NBC

By September 8, 2014

According to Deadline, NBC has its eye on a new TV drama called “Manhunt” that sounds like it could be a strange choice for the network (and by that I mean, a good choice. Burn!). The pilot, which hails from creators Zack Rice and Whit Brayton, will be directed by Ender’s Game helmer Gavin Hood and produced by Anonymous Content, the same company responsible for “True Detective” and Steven Soderbergh’s “The Knick.”

The show is an anthology-style series (like “True Detective” or “American Horror Story”), and each season will “focus on the mounting tension of an entire city on the hunt for a fugitive roaming the streets at large. It will examine the moment an American or International City becomes a police state, a war zone or a ground zero and the ensuing bloodlust it inspires.” With the manhunt after the Boston Marathon bombing, tensions boiling up in Ferguson this summer, and all of the other insanity facing our world right now, it’s no surprise that this spec script was a hot commodity when it was being shopped around earlier this year. Apparently the show already had talent attached if the show landed on a cable network, but NBC pursued it so hard that they ended up walking away with a deal and now they’re looking for their own actors to cast as the two leads.

Rice and Brayton are expected to write all of the episodes, which is very cool considering their backgrounds: Rice drives an Uber for a living, while Brayton is a valet. Sounds like a perfect Hollywood-style, rags-to-riches success story, and I’m sure these guys are thrilled about the opportunity to create a show that could capture the imagination of audiences everywhere. It’s a very timely premise, and could work well with a dose of reality instead of more mysterious or supernatural events that have been a challenge for shows like “The Leftovers” or “FlashForward” to overcome. They’ve also written one other script before – a reimagining of Zorro for USA that never materialized – so they’re likely champing at the bit to get going on a show of their own.

The show has a 10-episode order, contingent on it getting casting and script approval from NBC. I’m definitely intrigued by the concept, and think it has the potential to be a huge, event-style show that everyone talks about if it’s executed correctly. What do you think? Are you as hopeful about “Manhunt” as I am?

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  • Harrison Ford is another ‘go-to’ actor for my husband and I. If he’s in it, we’ll likely be giving it a try!