Mark Romanek Could Direct Casey Affleck-Starring ‘Boston Strangler’

By January 9, 2014


With his older brother busy “being Batman” and “starring in weird pictures of Gone Girl as imagined by David Fincher,” Casey Affleck is stepping up his game and looking to be taking over the mantle of Serious Filmmaking Affleck Brother. At the very least, the multi-hyphenate is busy lining up a very interesting project that, a couple of years ago, would have been right up brother Ben’s alley.

Basically, this new project sounds quite good, and we’re glad that at least one of the Afflecks is spending some time on some hard-bitten crime drama. Finish filming Batman vs. Superman soon, Ben! (Ha ha ha, yeah, right.)

Variety reports that Affleck may have found a director for his Boston strangler project (titled, er, Boston Strangler), which the younger Affleck is on board to both star in and executive produce. The outlet reports that Mark Romanek (Never Let Me Go, One Hour Photo) is now in talks to direct the film. The film has been written by emerging screenwriter Chuck MacLean, who originally pitched the project to studio Warner Bros.


Boston Strangler sounds right up Romanek’s dark, creepy alley (filled with lingering danger and bad guys), as the true story “will follow a detective trying to solve the case of a notorious serial killer in Boston during the early 1960s. Sources say the original pitch had similarities to Seven and Zodiac that could fit Romanek’s knack for material with a dark tone.” A crime thriller starring Casey Affleck, directed by Mark Romanek, and with shades of Seven and Zodiac? Sign us up for this project right now. Affleck has quite effectively done crime drama in the past – yes, we’re thinking of the Ben-directed Gone Baby Gone – and he excels at that sort of thinky, twisty dark thriller.

Hopefully, Romanek will sign on the dotted line of his big, hypothetical Hollywood contract and we can get this thing moving – the world needs more inky dark Affleck crime dramas these days.

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Kate Erbland
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