Martin Freeman Says a ‘Sherlock’ Christmas Special is Coming in 2015

By June 30, 2014

The last time we checked in with anything relating to the fantastic BBC series “Sherlock,” the modern retelling of the tales of Conan Doyle’s legendary detective, show creator Steven Moffat gave a brief update about the fourth season (or “series,” as the Brits call them), saying that “everyone’s willing to make it work,” although dates weren’t quite in place for filming yet due to the increased popularity of stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. Freeman himself had mentioned the possibility of a standalone episode that would air between now and the beginning of the fourth season, and in an interview with The Telegraph, he revealed the theme of that episode:

If that’s going to be a special – I’m speaking off-message here; if this was New Labour I’d get fired – I think that might be for next Christmas. A Christmas special. That’s what I understand.

We’ve already seen Sherlock and Watson spend some holiday time with the Holmes family in the most recent season of the show, but seeing a full-blown Christmas special sounds like it could be a lot of fun. Though, to be fair, I’d be on board with practically anything that gives us more of these characters since “Sherlock” is one of my favorite shows and the fact that we only get three episodes per season (albeit long ones) is a huge test of patience in today’s “get whatever you want, whenever you want it” culture.

Freeman said that filming for this one-off wouldn’t begin this year, saying an early 2015 start “looks pretty likely.” Are you excited about a “Sherlock” Christmas special? Let us know in the comments!

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  • that was really a cool show. but robert downet jr. playas role of a spy in a better way.