Marvel Adds Third Mystery Film to the 2018 Calendar

By July 23, 2014

Marvel Studios just announced a new batch of untitled films that will debut between now and 2019, but after today’s announcement by Sony Pictures that Spider-Man 4 is no longer arriving in May of 2018, Marvel jumped on that date, too.

When there wasn’t a May Marvel release scheduled in 2018, I assumed that meant that the studio was planning on unveiling Avengers 3 in May 2019, since May has generally been Avengers month up until now. But now that they’ve carved out a date the year before, my guess isn’t quite as solid anymore. The truth is we aren’t sure what’s happening quite yet, but with Joss Whedon’s future with Marvel up in the air after Age of Ultron, I can easily see the studio giving whoever comes in to direct Avengers 3 an extra year to make sure that sequel lives up to expectations. At the same time, if Guardians of the Galaxy – which just might be my favorite Marvel movie so far – bombs, the studio might want to have them meet up with the Avengers as quickly as possible and shelve the idea of a direct Guardians sequel. That might mean that the newly taken May 2018 date could be for Avengers 3. That would put the Avengers movies on a three year gap between releases.
Could we see an Iron Man 4 thrown in there sometime, too? Anything is possible at this point (and once you see Guardians, you’ll know that I mean anything is possible), but chances are good we’ll have a much better idea of the company’s future plans after their Comic-Con panel on Saturday night.

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