Marvel Directors Show Support For Edgar Wright

By May 25, 2014

Looks like Marvel fans aren’t the only ones reeling from the news that Edgar Wright is out as the director of Ant-Man. Yesterday, Joss Whedon tweeted a pic that indicates a definite solidarity with Wright.

Whedon is holding a Cornetto, which is a reference to Wright’s “Three Flavours Cornetto” trilogy of films – Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World’s End. As we’re sure most of you know, each film has a different Cornetto flavor making an appearance in it. Having Whedon on your side has got to feel good. I love that Whedon once again proves what a great guy he is. Don’t you just love it when your heroes don’t disappoint you?

But Whedon isn’t the only Marvel director showing his support for Wright. Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn made a statement on his Facebook page, comparing Wright’s split from the company to a romantic relationship that didn’t work out:

Sometimes you have friends in a relationship. You love each of them dearly as individuals and think they’re amazing people. When they talk to you about their troubles, you do everything you can to support them, to keep them together, because if you love them both so much doesn’t it make sense they should love each other? But little by little you realize, at heart, they aren’t meant to be together – not because there’s anything wrong with either of them, but they just don’t have personalities that mesh in a comfortable way. They don’t make each other happy. Although it’s sad to see them split, when they do, you’re surprisingly relieved, and excited to see where their lives take them next.

It’s easy to try to make one party “right” and another party “wrong” when a breakup happens, but it often isn’t that simple. Or perhaps it’s even more simple than that – not everyone belongs in a relationship together. It doesn’t mean they’re not wonderful people.

And that’s true of both Edgar Wright and Marvel. One of them isn’t a person, but I think you get what I mean.

Wright had been developing Ant-Man with Marvel for eight years, and the rumor is that the script had been so radically rewritten, he felt he could no longer support the project.

Yesterday we also learned that Drew Goddard will no longer be the showrunner for the “Daredevil” TV series for Netflix. I don’t know what’s going on at Marvel, but here’s hoping that things stabilize soon.

Whedon is currently shooting the Avengers sequel Age of Ultron. Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy will be released on August 1st.

What do you think of the Ant-Man shake up? Let us know in the comments!

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Desi Jedeikin

Desi Jedeikin

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