Marvel Entertainment Promotes Comics Publisher To President

By January 19, 2017

Dan Buckley has finally earned his title as the true king of the geeks as he moves up from Marvel Comics publisher to the president of the entire Marvel Entertainment division of the Walt Disney Co.

Even if you’re a Marvel fan, Buckley’s name is likely not one you’re familiar with. But if you enjoy how Marvel has expanded to television – especially on Netflix – it all started from Buckley’s desk, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Buckley will now run everything Marvel – except for the films. That job still belongs to Kevin Feige, who boasted the No. 1 movie in the world this past year with Captain America: Civil War earning a whopping $1.15 billion globally.

Buckley got his Marvel start working in the international licensing division, becoming a vice president of marketing services in the 1990s. He left for a stint at marketing agency Omnicom Group, then returned to Marvel in 2003, this time as publisher.

Buckley’s work on the comic side help reinvigorate the original way Marvel communicated with the world before it became a television and film empire. He also moved the comics online with Marvel Unlimited, an online subscription service that delivers past comic book issues to readers online.

But it was Buckley’s recognition of the industry’s top talent that truly made him a star at Marvel. He was instrumental in the hiring of Jeph Loeb, and the two would be responsible for creating more than 100 hours of live-action programming, the trade publication said. That ranges from everything that includes Agents of SHIELD on ABC, to everything Marvel on Netflix, like DaredevilLuke Cage and Jessica Jones.

The promotion is seen partly as a doubling down of the company into the creation of content that is non-film related. It is also seen as a reward for an executive who has been praised for his management style that blends mediums, and an intimate geek knowledge of Marvel comics.

The biggest Buckley moves took place just after Disney acquired Marvel in the early days of 2010 for $4.2 billion.

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