Marvel Looks Back at Phases 1 & 2 in Comic-Con Video

By August 1, 2014

Couldn’t make it out to San Diego Comic-Con this year? We have a metric ton of coverage for you, from panels to interviews to trailers and everything in between, but one of the things you likely won’t see make its way to the web is the footage from Avengers: Age of Ultron that debuted during Marvel’s big panel last Saturday night. We have a description of it here and that’ll have to do for now, but while we couldn’t show you any of the video that the studio played for the Hall H crowd in our own video of the panel, today Marvel released the retrospective look back at Phases 1 & 2 that kicked off their panel so everyone can see it. Watch below:

As I sat in the theater watching Guardians of the Galaxy, I almost couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The film is so delightfully bizarre and covers so much weird territory that it never could have been made ten years ago, and it’s insane to think that the landscape of modern comic book films (and blockbuster cinema in general) has been so drastically shaped by Kevin Feige’s vision to build a connected cinematic universe and translate some of crossovers so popular in comic books to the big screen. Watching this video, it’s amazing to see what he’s created since 2008, and even though there are a few of the Marvel films that are far worse than the others (and I still think the studio has a villain problem), it’s still a shockingly impressive accomplishment on Feige’s part for having the determination to make all of this happen.

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