Marvel Reportedly Wants Joseph Gordon-Levitt for ‘Doctor Strange’

By July 15, 2013

Could Joseph Gordon-Levitt jump from DC to the Marvel Cinematic Universe? The latter studio is certainly hoping so, since they’ve already courted the Dark Knight Rises star for the role of Peter Quinn/Star-Lord in their upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy. “Parks and Rec” star Chris Pratt ended up scoring that part, but that doesn’t mean Marvel is done trying to lock down JGL just yet.

Latino-Review has a pre-Comic-Con rumor revealing that Marvel is having internal discussions about how Gordon-Levitt would be ideal for the role. These kinds of talks happen inside Hollywood studios every day, especially about big name stars like JGL, but this one is worth discussing because the studio has already gone out to the actor once before and because JGL is so tied to rumors of continuing Batman movies.

Even though Christopher Nolan’s Bat-trilogy is completed, the way it ended with [Spoilers, duh] “Robin” rising into the Batcave to take on the mantle of the Bat lead many to believe that JGL could end up playing the Caped Crusader in the next on-screen iteration of the Dark Knight’s adventures. Whether that’s in a Justice League film or another Batman movie is unknown, so while the world waits to see who ends up wearing the cape and cowl next, might JGL be considering another option entirely?

Doctor Strange has been a priority for Marvel for many years now, and of course the studio would love to have the talented actor/writer/director headline their film. He seems to be a good fit for the character, and even though word about JGL’s casting probably won’t surface for a while, we can expect to hear more about Doctor Strange during the Marvel panel at Comic-Con this weekend. What do you think about JGL playing Doctor Strange?

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