Marvel’s ‘Ant-Man’ Reportedly Gets Two New Writers

By July 7, 2014

Marvel’s Ant-Man has been the most troubled production in the studio’s short history, and they haven’t even started shooting it yet. Trouble began when the studio reportedly wanted a less eccentric take on the material, and it resulted in Edgar Wright walking from the project after developing it for eight years and Peyton Reed being brought on to direct. Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas are still on board to star, and Anchorman writer/director Adam McKay was brought on to rewrite the script because of his close ties with Rudd. Now Latino Review reports that two more writers have been added to the project.

Their sources tell them that Gabriel Ferrari and Andrew Barrer have been hired to rewrite McKay’s revisions, and these guys will be “production writers,” meaning they’ll actually be working on the set while the movie films in Atlanta to tweak things as needed and hone the screenplay as they go. This isn’t a new practice – tons of Hollywood films do it – and it’s not even a new practice for Marvel Studios, considering how much the first two Iron Man movies were made on the fly, relying heavily on Robert Downey Jr. improv to become the success stories they are and kick this whole new Marvel era into motion.

Ant-Man 2

Ferrari and Barrer don’t have any produced credits to their names yet, but the duo has worked on a script for a Sabrina The Teenage Witch movie at Sony and apparently generated some heat with their screenplay Die In A Gunfight, which made the Black List (a list of Hollywood’s best unproduced screenplays) back in 2010.

This is yet another interesting twist in the Ant-Man saga, and I’m really curious to see how this movie turns out. Will it be an all-out disaster? It’s possible, but there are enough talented people on board this thing to conceivably right the ship, and even though we have to make peace with the fact that we’ll never get to see Edgar Wright’s vision for this project, we could still end up getting a pretty cool Ant-Man movie out of this whole thing. Maybe we’ll find out something new at Comic-Con in a couple of weeks.

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