‘Marvel’s The Defenders’ Finds Its Showrunners

By April 15, 2016

With their entire main lineup cast, and three of its series having premiered by the end of this year, Marvel and Netflix’s The Defenders series – which will be the team-up event between Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist – has finally started to gain some traction, as development on the series has neared.

Marvel announced today that Marco Ramirez and Doug Petrie will be acting as the series’ showrunners as well, from just coming off of their stint as showrunners on Marvel’s Daredevil season two, which was welcomed with rave reviews from both fans and critics alike. Daredevil creator and producer, Drew Goddard, will be involved in the event series as well, acting as an executive producer on the show, which will (as described in the report), “unite the Man Without Fear with Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist for the mini-series event bringing our heroes together to face their biggest threat yet.

Netflix’s Vice President of Original Content, Cindy Holland, commented on the announcement with the following:

“Doug and Marco captivated our members around the world with their continuation of the story of Matt Murdock in ‘Marvel’s Daredevil,’ and we can’t wait to see how they and Drew will introduce the full Defenders team to our global audience.”

Marvel’s Head of Television, Jeph Loeb, added:

“We’re incredibly excited to be able to bring our four street level heroes together in an epic tale woven by Doug and Marco whose work on ‘Marvel’s Daredevil’ speaks for itself. They write and produce not only great action and adventure, but also the heart and touch of humor that’s makes us Marvel. With the inclusion of Drew Goddard, we’ve got a team that’s as formidable as the Defenders themselves.”

Taking over for both Goddard and Steven S. DeKnight as the showrunners on Daredevil‘s second season as well, both Petrie and Ramirez had some serious expectations they had to live up to and obstacles they had to face in the sophomore outing, including the introduction of both The Punisher and Elektra into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For what it’s worth, they managed to take everything that made the first season so entertaining and capitalize on it, bringing an even meatier and more cinematic season to viewers this year.

The two showrunners talked about their excitement to be working on the team-up series as well, with the following statement:

“This is the big one. Four amazing casts, four amazing series, now all in one amazing story. We are thrilled at the opportunity to deliver the show that both we and the fans have been waiting for.”

The series will star Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock/Daredevil, Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones, Mike Colter as Luke Cage, and Finn Jones as Danny Rand/Iron Fist, and will be the culmination of all of the Marvel Netflix series up until this point. With three seasons of original Marvel television released so far as well, The Defenders world has yet to have a hiccup in quality, and after managing to sneak references and connect each of the seasons and shows already, it’ll hopefully end up being just as exciting to see these four heroes onscreen together, as we think it will be.

Marvel’s The Defenders does not currently have a premiere date.

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