Mary Elizabeth Winstead Wants ’10 Cloverfield Lane’ Sequel

By January 14, 2017

It’s safe to say that Mary Elizabeth Winstead has cultivated a devoted fanbase in the geek world. After all, leading roles in films like Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and television series like BrainDead prove she’s willing to take on a wide variety of genre projects.

Last year, the actress took on one of her most high-profile roles to date as the tenacious heroine of 10 Cloverfield Lane, the second entry in the J.J. Abrams-produced franchise that kicked off with 2008 found footage monster movie Cloverfield.

Announced just a few months prior to its theatrical release, the $15 million film – which marked filmmaker Dan Trachtenberg’s directorial debut – proved a box office smash, bringing in $108 million worldwide.

Winstead plays Michelle, a young woman who survives a car crash to find herself trapped within the bunker of a conspiracy theorist (John Goodman) who believes an attack has left the Earth’s surface uninhabitable. Although no such project has been announced, 10 Cloverfield Lane does leave the door open for Winstead’s return.

The actress recently attended a Television Critics Association event to promote her role in Fargo season 3 and discussed the possibility of a direct sequel to 10 Cloverfield Lane with Blastr.

“I know that Dan and I would love to continue that story. The anthology series is where they are going with it, so whether or not that ever comes back to Michelle’s story, I’m not sure. But I know Dan always had more in mind, so I would love the opportunity to explore that.

“If anybody would every let us do that, we would jump on it.”

Right now, the Cloverfield franchise is sticking with the anthology route, as this year’s previously named God Particle seems to be only tangentially related to the previous two films. However, the fact Winstead and Trachtenberg are open to continuing Michelle’s story bodes well for her possible inclusion in a future installment, either as the lead or a supporting player.

From a business standpoint, bringing back arguably one of the best characters from the franchise for another sci-fi horror tale set in this world makes sense.

Perhaps somewhere down the line Abrams and his team will pursue a Cloverfield project that can tie together the seemingly disparate entries to date with an ensemble piece featuring characters from each film. Creating an interconnected Cloverfield universe out of the anthology series would certainly follow suit with every Hollywood studio’s efforts to replicate the success Disney has seen with the Marvel cinematic universe.

In any case, fans can formulate their own theories about the Cloverfield franchise when God Particle – or whatever it ends up being called – arrives in theaters on Oct. 27.

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