Matthew Perry To Write, Produce AND Star In ‘Odd Couple’ Reboot

By December 14, 2013


Looks like Matthew Perry’s headed back to television and’ll have his hands in all the pies when rebooting Neil Simon’s classic play (including a female version)-turned-movie-turned-sitcom, The Odd Couple.

Word’s out that Perry will write, produce and star in this reboot with Danny Jacobson (“Mad About You”) on board as writer and exec producer for this CBS comedy that delves into the lives of sports writer and permanent slob Oscar Madison and his Type A, anal retentive clean freak with sinus issues Felix Unger.


Check out the opening from the 1969 ABC series starring Jack Klugman and Tony Randall, then we’ll talk.

OKAY, now seeing what you’ve seen, who do you think Perry’s playing? Felix, right?

WRONG. Turns out Perry wants to shed the uptight guy roles from “Friends” and The Whole Nine (and Ten) Yards that put him on the map and he wants to take on the slobbiest slob of them all, Oscar Madison.


I GET what Matthew Perry wants to try but we’re talking a role that was made famous by Jack Klugman on the stage, screen AND television. I fear Perry may have bitten off more than he can chew and I feel like he should rethink his choice; I get it’s HIS vehicle but it really is okay to let someone else drive.

But who knows? Perry could rock much ass as Oscar and as CBS has given the show a script plus penalty commitment, I’ll reserve the rest of my judgment when and if the show ever sees the light of day.

Stay tuned.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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