Meg Ryan Heads to Television with NBC Comedy Series

By October 11, 2013

Meg Ryan

It’s been awhile since Meg Ryan enjoyed the glory years of the 80s and 90s with hits like Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail, French Kiss and the 1989 classic When Harry Met Sally..., and over the past decade, the actress has struggled to reclaim the success she once had on the big screen. Now she’s going to try her hand at the small screen.

THR has word that Ryan will lead a new comedy series at NBC that will follow a former hotshot New York editor, now a single mother, who returns to the publishing house where her career once thrived, only to end up working for a 30-year-old former intern who is now the boss.

It seems fitting that Ryan is an actress struggling to get back in the game, and is forced to take what might be considered a “lower” job, not unlike the fall to TV from the big screen. That might sound mean, but we’re actually in a new golden age of television right now, so this isn’t all that bad. Though, we are a little concerned – the trade describes Ryan’s character has having to keep her boss, her teenage kids, her almost ex-husband and her meddlesome mother-in-law all happy, which results in her overcomplicating every situation and somehow always making it worse. And all that sounds like a terrible cliché.

You've Got Mail - Meg Ryan

The single-camera comedy (which means no laughtrack, thankfully), comes from “Family Ties” writer and producer Marc Lawrence. Funnily enough, Lawrence is heading to TV after struggling on the big screen as well with the recent dud Did You Hear About the Morgans? in his past. Otherwise, Lawrence has written a few Sandra Bullock films like both Miss Congeniality movies, Two Weeks Notice and Forces of Nature.

This actually isn’t Ryan’s first foray into television comedy since she once had a starring role in NBC’s 1982 series “One of the Boys” alongside Mickey Rooney, Dana Carvey, and Nathan Lane, but the show was quickly canceled. Lately she’s appeared on Showtime’s “Web Therapy,” and while the trade points out a recent People magazine article where Ryan preferred to stay out of the spotlight and enjoy time with boyfriend John Mellencamp and her daughter,we imagine it’s hard to turn down a potentially promising paycheck in the form of a network comedy series.

It’ll be interesting to see if Ryan can still charm audiences, or if her prime time to shine in the entertainment industry has passed. How do you think she’ll fare on TV?

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