‘Metal Gear Solid’ Movie Might Have Snagged Its Director

By June 4, 2014

Did you forget that we were supposed to get a Metal Gear Solid movie? It’s okay, we sort of did too, but now the long-buzzed-about feature has some big heat on it, thanks to the news that Sony Pictures may have locked a director and its creators may have also cracked the storyline.

Deadline reports that Sony is currently in talks with director Jordan Vogt-Roberts to direct the feature, and although the filmmaker’s comedy-heavy resume (he directed last summer’s very funny and very wonderful The Kings of Summer, along with the filmed version of Nick Offerman’s American Ham stand-up and the popular short Successful Alcoholics) might not sound like the perfect fit for a video game adaptation, word is that he’s a “huge fan” of the game and pushed hard to get the job.

Also, considering how, well, sort of strange Metal Gear Solid is, it might be pretty refreshing to have someone with a comedic sensibility driving it.

The Hideo Kojima-created game first hit PlayStation in 1998, and attempts to bring it to the big screen have been coming in fits and starts for years. The big problem? Deadline reports: “this is a long-gestating project because it just took so long for the game creators and the studio to find themselves on the same page in how to tell the story of protagonist Solid Snake.” The addition of Vogt-Roberts to the equation signals that the story has finally been cracked.

Metal Gear Solid

The game sees soldier Snake busting into a nuclear weapons facility (it’s always nukes) with a big mission: stop the terrorist group Foxhound, save two hostages, and stop the impending nuclear strike. The gameplay utilizes all sorts of fun twists, from radar mode to a third-person camera. There are gadgets for Snake to grab and codes to crack. It’s a fun, challenging game that could translate to the big screen in a special way, especially if some humor is injected into it. (Really, Snake was initially based on Jean-Claude Van Damme, so there’s room for some laughs here.)

There’s no word yet on who will be writing the film’s screenplay (or has already written it and was somehow left out of the news) and who they are thinking of casting. Any ideas?

Vogt-Roberts is currently working on the comedy pilot “You’re The Worst,” which is (amusingly enough) about two terrible people who fall in love.

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