Michael Bay Could Direct Ubisoft’s ‘Ghost Recon’ Movie for WB

By June 11, 2013

Ubisoft is slowly becoming a force to reckon with in Hollywood. While other video game companies license film rights to their properties to studios, Ubisoft has set up their own film branch and, over the past few months, has set up adaptations of Assassin’s Creed with Michael Fassbender attached and Splinter Cell with Tom Hardy in the lead role. Now they’re looking to bring another of their franchises to the big screen, and they’ve found one of Hollywood’s best action directors to do it.

Variety reports that Michael Bay will develop a Ghost Recon film for Ubisoft and Warner Bros., marking the first time the director has worked with WB in his career. Bay is on the hunt for screenwriters for the project now, and if he likes the eventual script enough, he’ll step behind the camera to direct. Casting is expected to begin next month, so expect more news about this film shortly.

If Bay ends up directing, it wouldn’t be the first time he’d use his significant clout with the American military to make a movie. Ghost Recon is based on a fictional Special Forces unit who utilize the world’s best technology to eliminate threats without leaving a trace of their existence. During his career, Bay has worked with the Defense Department and is even said to have a direct line to the Pentagon to enlist their help and cooperation making his large-scale action films which often depict the armed forces in a positive light.

If Bay can pull in top talent in the same realm as Fassbender and Hardy for Ghost Recon, Ubisoft could cement themselves as a true player in the Hollywood game. As long as he doesn’t turn this into a crossover with the soldiers that appear in the Transformers franchise, we’re interested to see what the action movie maven can do with this video game property. Thoughts?

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