Michael Shannon Takes On The Role of Elvis Presley in New Trailer for ‘Elvis & Nixon’

By January 8, 2016

As far as presidents go, Richard Nixon has been portrayed on film nearly a dozen times, but one can’t help but sit up and take notice of the latest actor tackling the role: Kevin Spacey (move aside, Francis Underwood…). Even more interesting? Spacey’s co-star, Michael Shannon, who plays Elvis Presley in the same movie.

Yeah, you read that right. Amazon and Bleecker Street have released a trailer for Elvis & Nixon, a comedy based on the infamous meeting between the much maligned president and one of the biggest, yet most unstable, celebrities in history.

For starters, this is an incredibly smart trailer. It begins with a fun hook about the most requested National Archives photo in history, that of President Nixon and the King of Rock and Roll at the White House, and then moves on at a quick clip, punctuating a number of awkward moments between the two leads (as well as involving some of Nixon’s White House staff, played by Colin Hanks and Evan Peters).

It’s hard not to assume that most of the best jokes from the film are shown in the trailer, but what is there looks pretty funny to me, mainly due to the commitment shown by the actors, Shannon in particular. His deadpan intensity is a perfect match for this offbeat celebrity who showed up at the White House because he wanted an FBI badge…that’s the stuff of movies, folks.

Directed by Liza Johnson, the film also stars Alex PettyferJohnny Knoxville, Tate Donovan and Ashley Benson. It is set to be released in April.

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