‘Miles Ahead’ Trailer Gives First Look at Don Cheadle as Miles Davis

By February 2, 2016

Biopics can be a tricky thing to get right, and over the past few years we’ve seen the genre or formula played with in different and unique ways, whether they be in last year’s Steve Jobs or My Week With Marilyn, which aren’t even really biopics because they don’t attempt to capture the lead’s entire life story, as much as snapshots. When done well the genre can be fresh and enthralling, and when done wrong, it can be formulaic and bland.

These are probably the reasons that Don Cheadle’s Miles Ahead isn’t even really a biopic either, instead focusing on Miles Davis’ life at a very specific moment in time, in 1979 when the iconic musician was experiencing a drought of success in his career.

The first official trailer for the film has been revealed online (via EW). Check it out below:

The film not only stars Cheadle as Davis though, but also marks the actor’s feature directorial debut, and based off the trailer alone – his direction looks on point actually considering all of the moving parts that are featured in these few minutes alone. Assembling a strong cast around himself including Ewan McGregor and Michael Stuhlbarg won’t likely go unnoticed either, and should help to make this a safe first outing for Cheadle behind the camera.

The buzz coming off of the film’s previous festival screenings have some calling it one of the most unique biopics ever made, and from its attitude and structure alone, it looks like Miles Ahead may in fact earn that title. Whether or not it ends up being one of the best though, is still a mystery.

Miles Ahead is set to hit theatres on April 1st.

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