‘Moana’ Poster Teases Disney’s Latest Animated Adventure

By June 8, 2016

Ever since I saw the footage from last year’s D23 Expo, my excitement and anticipation for Disney’s Moana has been steadily growing over the past few months. Directed by two of Disney’s most beloved animation vets, Ron Clements and John Musker (The Little Mermaid), and being scored by Hamilton creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda, the film feels like a callback to the most beloved of the studio’s classic films, while also showing us a kind a story and setting that hasn’t really been told before.

Also, The Rock is in it. Do you really need any other reason to go see a movie?

Today, the studio revealed a bran new poster for the movie as well, which is set to hit theatres later this Fall in the midst of the holiday season, which could mean a possible trailer release sometime soon as well. Check it out below:

moana poster

Miranda isn’t the only Hamilton cast member to be involved in the film either, with his onstage wife, Phillipa Soo, recently cast in the film as well. They haven’t even parted ways on Broadway yet, and they’re already reuniting on a new project.

From the brief footage shown, it seems like one of the studio’s most visually gorgeous outings to date as well, and with that key Disney November release date, it’s possible that they’re hoping for Moana to find the same luck as some of their previous holiday outings like Frozen, or even this year’s Zootopia which has continued to break milestones financially ever since its March release date. I’d say this is the most excited I’ve been for a Disney animated movie in a long time though, and with the creative team that they’ve assembled for the movie, I don’t think my excitement has been misplaced either.

Moana is set to hit theatres on November 23rd.

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