More Justice Society of America Coming To ‘Legends’

By October 21, 2016


Thursdays time-hopping Legends of Tomorrow episode finally introduced a group of superheroes we don’t hear too much about outside of the comic books.

The Justice Society of America – based on the first organization of superheroes ever assembled – finally made its debut. Well, in 1942 – a year that will likely not be a common stop for The CW program the rest of the season.

So how will the JSA ever come back? Executive producer Marc Guggenheim wasn’t being very forthcoming to Collider‘s Christina Radish.

“I don’t want to spoil too much. I will say that we do go back to 1987 and we’ll meet a much older version of Obsidian, who is going to be played by Lance Henriksen. That’s one way. And then we have another device up our sleeves that I don’t want to spoil because it deals with the stuff that is pathology-based in the back half of the year.”

The JSA was first introduced to comic book audiences in 1940, but more or less fell out of favor a decade later when interest in comic books waned. Superheroes back then were people like not only Obsidian, but Stargirl, Commander Steel and Doctor Mid-Nite – at least according to Legends.

obsidian102116Obsidian, played in Thursday’s episode by Dan Payne (and later, by Henriksen) actually wasn’t part of the original comic gang, since his character wasn’t even created until the 1980s. His ability to work shadows, and even some telepathy, would make him a rather interesting member of the JSA.

Obsidian also is one of the few openly gay characters in DC Comics, something executive producer Phil Klemmer says will carry over to Legends, at least by the time Henriksen takes over the role.

And by the way, the JSA eventually reforms with some old and new heroes to become the more popular Justice League of America. Well, depending on what dimension you’re in, we imagined.

Outside of that look back at history, Guggenheim did tease that watching the growth of Caity Lotz’s Sara Lance into a team leader will be something viewers don’t want to miss.

“It’s funny, you come up with character journeys for the season, and sometimes they work out better than you ever expected … I will say that I’ve gotta give a lot of props to Caity Lotz. As you start to see her become more and more comfortable with being the leader of this rag-tag group, it’s so much fun to watch her. 

“The character is embodying the role of leader, and Caity’s performance really embraces it. It turns out to be one of the most successful things that we’ve done in Season 2. I’m super excited about it.”

Legends of Tomorrow airs Thursdays on The CW.

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