Move Over, Prince: Here Are Five R&B Singers Aaron Wants To See On TV

By January 17, 2014


A few months back, we reported on Pass The Effin’ Remote that Prince would be guest starring on an upcoming episode of “New Girl.” The episode in question is schedule to air after this year’s Super Bowl. It’s kind of crazy when you think about how this all came about. Apparently Prince is a giant fan of the show and contacted Zooey Deschanel directly to ask if he could come on. They originally tried to make this happen last year but it didn’t work out. Thankfully, this year it will. Even better? The music icon requested to have a specific purpose in the episode and that is to help Nick and Jess with their relationship. Sounds pretty awesome to me!

From what I’ve read so far, Prince is quite a funny dude and his comedy skills work really well in this episode. So this got me thinking about what other R&B singers (living or dead) I’d like to see guest star on popular television shows (past or present).

[Get ready, I’m high on caffeine and cold medicine so this should be interesting!]

James Brown on “Pee Wee’s Playhouse”


For some reason, the first show I thought of when James Brown popped into my head was Pee Wee’s Playhouse. Maybe you can blame it on the high amount of NyQuil and caffeine I have ingested in the past 24 hours, but I’m going to stick with this concept. Just think about it for a second: Brown could have guest starred as a distant relative of Cowboy Curtis. Hell, let’s just make him Cowboy Curtis Sr. That’s right, dear old dad could stop by as if he just busted through some real authentic saloon doors right out of the old west. I’m thinking Django Unchained meets Blazing Saddles. A man can dream.

Robin Thicke on “The Golden Girls”


I’m sure the more obvious choice here would be “Growing Pains” and have Mr. Thicke travel back in time and confront his real life father as if he were his real TV son. We could make this a real mind f*ck and get all meta with it. They could even make it some huge scandal regarding Jason Seaver’s illegitimate child from a secret marriage to a mail order bride who had since gone missing. But no, what I want to see is Robin Thicke guest starring on “The Golden Girls.” After the sexist (hot) tinged “Blurred Lines” music video of his, wouldn’t it be great to see him go round and round with Blanche and the girls?

Chris Brown on “Girls”


So this is probably low hanging fruit, but come on! Someone put Chris Brown on an episode of “Girls.” Last year, Donald Glover guest starred and did a very good job. The episode could find Hannah and friends attending an underground dance competition where Brown kicks some major ass (get it? Because he beats up women). He then tries to strike up a relationship with Jessa and things seem to be going smoothly until she repeatedly kicks him in the crotchal (shut up, it’s a word!) area, because he’s into some weird sh*t (and he beats up women). I don’t watch Girls, but if they had Chris Brown on I would totally watch (no I wouldn’t). But maybe…

Mariah Carey on “Homeland”


Everyone, please take a minute and clear your mind. Try and wipe everything you know about the world from memory and then focus on one clear thought: Mariah Carey as Carrie Mathison on “Homeland.” Carey as Carrie! The role would be a revelation as Carrie’s ugly cry face would no longer be hideous. And when Mathison goes on one of her crazy trips, instead of crying or screaming, Mariah can just hit one of those famous high notes of hers. Glass will shatter, dogs by the thousands will come running. Are you reading this, Showtime?

Stevie Wonder on “The Cosby Show”


As a bit of a chaser back to reality, I figured I’d close out this list with a choice that actually happened: Stevie Wonder’s guest starring role on “The Cosby Show.” In 1986, Mr. Wonder appeared on the episode aptly titled “A Touch Of Wonder.” In this episode, Denise ends up getting into a bit of a collision with Wonder’s limo. In turn, they get invited to his studio where he creates a song that samples the whole family. This episode is a classic and you can still catch me randomly spouting out the line, “Jammin’ on the one” all these years later.

So there’s my five. After much deliberation, I must commend the people at “New Girl” for taking Prince up on his request to guest star as himself. Do you have any singers you’d like to see on your favorite TV shows? Go ahead and let me know your thoughts.


Be sure to tune in for this awesome episode of “New Girl” airing directly after The Super Bowl on Fox.

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  • Karen Hudson

    I am dying to see Prince on New Girl.

    • It looks to be way better than Adam Sandler on Brooklyn Nine-Nine