‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ Sets Kickstarter Record, New Episodes On The Way

By December 12, 2015

Any child of the 1990’s knows that one of the greatest television shows to air during that glorious decade was Mystery Science Theater 3000. Beginning on Comedy Central and later the Sci-Fi Channel, MST3K featured a human (Joel Hodgson and later Mike Nelson) and his several robot friends watching and mocking some of the worst movies ever made. Though it was canceled in 1999, the show’s fans remained loyal and vocal, pleading for more. Sure, Rifftrax has served to fill the void a little bit, but nothing’s better than the original.

Series creator Joel Hodgson has spent the last few years hard at work at reviving the beloved series. He announced a Kickstarter back in November, and as of the deadline last Friday (via EW.com) the project has raised over $6 million! This breaks the previous fundraising record held by the Veronica Mars movie back in 2013. Nice work, internet!

According to Hodgson, the $6 million raised will go towards producing 14 new episodes AND a holiday special. While we don’t know what films will be lampooned by the crew of the Satellite of Love, we at least know who will be bringing the snark. The new series will star Jonah Ray, following in the footsteps of Hodgson and Nelson. But who will be sending him cheesy movies? The worst they can find (la la la)? Felicia Day will star as Kinga Forrester, daughter of the show’s original villain Dr. Clayton Forrester (Trace Beaulieu). Joining her will be Patton Oswalt as the son of TV’s Frank (Frank Conniff), named TV’s Son of TV’s Frank. The bots will be voiced by comedians Hampton Yount and Baron Vaughn, and the series could also feature cameos from the likes of Joel McHale, Jack Black, Jerry Seinfeld, and more. So basically this will be the best thing ever.

No word yet on where exactly these episodes (plus holiday special!) will air, but it’s rumored we could see clips from the new series at next summer’s San Diego Comic-con. Here’s hoping.

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