National Craft Month: Geek Crafter Bonnie Burton

By March 13, 2013

March is National Craft Month! Yay! So dust off your glue gun and celebrate by making something cool! Besides getting my craft on this month, I’d like to also feature some incredible crafters on geeknation. And honestly what better place to start than with the with the queen, amirite? This is the very rad Bonnie Burton:

Can’t you just can tell from the above pic that you want to be pals with her? I’m not ashamed to admit that I want to! Burton was a former writer and editor for Lucas Online. She really made a name for herself with a section she created for that was devoted to kids, full of totally fun content including, drawing tutorials and amazing Star Wars themed craft projects. She published The Star Wars Craft Book in 2011.

In May of 2012,  Burton was laid off by Lucas Film. Which is kind of crazy, but an incredible creative force like Bonnie Burton can not be stopped! She has puppets!

And she’s also in an open ‘source marriage’ with R2D2. Life doesn’t get better than that!  I am still seriously bummed though that my invite to these nuptials was lost in the mail.

Since Leaving Lucas Films, the geek craft queen has found a home on Stan Lee’s World of Heroes YouYube Channel with her own show Geek DIY. Guests have included Clare Kramer, Grant Imahara, Team Unicorn and Wil Wheaton. I love this show. It is a must watch for any geek, crafter or geek crafter hybrid.

Although the new show feature crafts inspired by all realms of geekdom, Burton is still perhaps best known for her Star Wars creations. Here’s a look at some faves:

Check out this awesome video where Bonnie shows us how to make a wampa washcloth…perfect for the geek who has everything!

And here’s the latest episode of Geek DIY:

Check out more geek craft how-to videos on the Geek DIY Youtube Channel including one featuring Clare Kramer!

You can Buy The Star Wars Craft Book HERE

And check out Bonnie’s complete Amazon page HERE

And don’t forget to follow Bonnie on Twitter @bonniegrrl

Are you a crafter? Tell us some of the cool things you’ve made!

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Desi Jedeikin

Desi Jedeikin

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