NBC Buys “Game Of Thrones”-esque Drama “Emerald City”

By August 24, 2013

After 100 years, we are DEFINITELY not in Kansas anymore.

While SyFy (“Warriors Of Oz”) and CBS (“Dorothy”) have The Wizard Of Oz-themed shows in the works AND the James Franco/Mila Kunis pic Oz The Great And Powerful (released earlier this year) AND the upcoming 3D re-release of the 1939 Judy Garland classic, seems like the estate of L. Frank Baum is having a VERY good year.

And now NBC wants a piece of the ruby red pie with their Oz-themed drama, “Emerald City.”


According to Deadline, “Emerald City” stems from the mind of “Siberia” creator/showrunner Matthew Arnold and will draw from ALL of Baum’s 14 books in the Oz series and will have a “Game Of Thrones” feel to it.

Along with all these projects, there appears to be yet ANOTHER Oz-themed drama from Tim Kring (creator, “Heroes”), Adam Armus, and Nora Kay Foster (also from “Heroes”) being shopped around as well…

Are these guys allergic to comedy? I’m surprised there isn’t a “Sex And The City-themed Oz show – on second thought, I’d friggin’ watch THAT!

Whaddya think? Will these shows be hits or melt like the witch after being splashed with water?

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