NBC’s ‘Heroes’ is Coming Back For A Limited TV Event in 2015

By February 23, 2014

I’ve heard of campaigns to bring “Firefly” back – “Firefly” fans have been very vocal about their desire for the show’s return – but I swear I have not once ever heard anyone say they wanted “Heroes” to return. I honestly don’t even recall anyone being disappointed when it was canceled. I remember being disappointed when it got so terrible…season one was so good until that finale! But nonetheless, “Heroes” is coming back for a 13-episode event titled “Heroes Reborn,” set to air in 2015. Original series creator Tim Kring is on board to run the project, which will be a stand-alone story; the characters have not yet been announced.

NBC Entertainment President Jennifer Salke had this to say about the network’s decision:

“The enormous impact Heroes had on the television landscape when it first launched in 2006 was eye-opening. Shows with that kind of resonance don’t come around often and we thought it was time for another installment. We’re thrilled that visionary creator Tim Kring was as excited about jumping back into this show as we were and we look forward to all the new textures and layers Tim plans to add to his original concept. Until we get closer to air in 2015, the show will be appropriately shrouded in secrecy, but we won’t rule out the possibility of some of the show’s original cast members popping back in.”

I’m guessing that NBC was inspired but the popularity of Fox’s decision to reboot “24” for a limited series to launch this May. The only difference is that “24” actually still has a fan base. Are there still fans of “Heroes” out there? I’m not so sure about that. Plus there’s a whole slate of promising superhero series coming next year including the “Arrow” spinoff “The Flash” and Fox’s Batman prequel “Gotham”. The television landscape has changed dramatically since “Heroes” debuted in 2006, so I find it doubtful that a reboot will ever be able to compete, unless it is truly stellar.

After an initially strong start (averaging 14.5 million viewers its first season), “Heroes” was widely considered to have collapsed creatively after the disastrously unpopular season one finale. Even the most diehard of fans ended up dropping out by the time the show was canceled four years ago. But event television is always a ratings grabber and “Heroes” performed well on DVD, so maybe it’s not such a bad idea after all. And being an ex-Heroes fan, I have to say, I would love nothing more than to see series creator Tim Kring have a chance at vindicating himself by making good on the show’s initial promise. Fingers are crossed.

What do you think of “Heroes” coming back? Let us know in the comments!

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Desi Jedeikin

Desi Jedeikin

Desi Jedeikin is a Los Angeles based writer and performer. She has appeared in numerous sketch comedy/improv shows at venues in L.A., including the Groundlings Theater, Comedy Central Stage, and the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, where she played Squeaky Fromme in the infamous alternative comedy show Comedy Death Ray. Unfinished projects include a memoir and a musical based on the life and death of JonBenet Ramsey. She has lots of other brilliant ideas she might complete. She really just needs more encouragement. You can follow Desi on Twitter: @Desijedeikin Here: truecrimejunkie.com And here too: xoJane.com She likes being followed.
  • Richard R Moore

    Is it wrong to be excited about this return. I hope not. I agree that it seemed to jump the shark at the finale. However, I have genuine faith in Kring’s ability to reboot. If 24, sorry, 48 can be restarted then why not here. Good luck. Go Hiro!

  • Michael I Payton

    I sometimes think about trying to ride a unicycle(for the 45th time) but something semms to hold me back. Somethings are best left to history. Let’s leave this one in the can, please.

  • Andrew L Gonzalez

    Are you kidding, come on with it. No more vampires, zombies, werewolves. Let’s see where they take this one. Ali Larter’s character alone should be worth the film.

  • ….zzzzzzzz

  • What cheerleader needs saving now?

  • Michael D Johnston

    Please make this go away. I wasn’t impressed with the original. Second season was a weak attempt. Think it through.

  • John A Casey

    I could see this coming. Why not try again and see if they actually get it right. Please come up with a decent story line this time.